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VivaTech - where Orange leads the way for innovation

As an operator, Orange has taken a clever position. Not only are they present in 27 countries as an operator, but they also organised a very relevant Orange Business Services in many more countries.

There are so many signals to tell how open and ready Orange is for innovation. The most import one is that "you can not do it all by yourself". Orange is profiling itself as a startup incubator, opens their arms for partnerships, performs a chunk load of research and strongly believes in collaboration.

Our CEO, Bert Vanaken, was asked to jump in the panel discussion on this collaboration-topic as within WMW this is completely melted into our DNA. Experts should perform their part of the job in every project and refrain from everything else. In that way only one can ensure that the end user has been helped in the best possible way and he/she could even become your ambassador. Because, one way or the other, it is the end user that is financing all of what you do, therefore he should be treated in the best possible way.

Where the title of this article states "leading", it actually means "embracing". Thank you Nicolas Dentant, Sophie Brafman and Sophie Marchand for having our colleague over on your stage.

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