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Cloudgate Track for indoor positioning

Leveraging BLE mesh network technology

The result is a boxed-up standard setup in which the user can complete the first installation in 10 minutes.

1. You place the anchors at a certain height from the ground throughout your facility (with a maximum distance from each other)

2. You attach the tags to the assets you want to see positioned

3.You plug the gateway into the wall, and if you insert a SIM card in it, you're done with this.

The tags register themselves, the anchors ask to be positioned on a map within the application and the system is up and running. The only preparation you need is getting your building's floor-plans.

An extra USP for this solution is the variety of available tags. You can really use any BLE device with a Nordic Semiconductor-chip to flash the SDK and co-operate in the mesh network. Available on the market you will find are ATEX approved tags, tags with large batteries, small tags, tags that can be washed, robust tags, ...
This makes this solution suitable for many purposes, from hospitals, to hospitality, warehousing and industry.

indoor tracking 01b.png

It was clear that an equally simple way was needed to set up the installation and use the trackers effectively in an application. With various tracking applications in our portfolio, WMW already had a lot to offer from its library.

First, we connected to the Wirepass mesh network server and made sure we could speak to it in 2 directions. We receive data from the tags on the network, but also send configurations back to the devices. Our floor-plan module has been extended to allow for the missing possibilities of the BLE network. This allowed the user to position the anchors on the map so that the triangulation of each tag, the position relative to at least 3 anchors, can be calculated correctly.


Cloudgate is one of the most versatile connectivity gateways on the market. It can handle many different communication protocols such as LoRaWAN, Wifi, BLE, Zigbee, ... But also Bacnet, RS232, Modbus, ...
With the Wirepass mesh network BLE technology it is possible to set up a complete indoor positioning installation with 1 gateway and a network of BLE beacons and anchors, whether or not powered by battery. Its rollout is terribly easy and you hardly need to do any network planning.

Indoor positioning is one of the most recurring questions in the market today. It identifies IoT. That is why Option, a connectivity hardware manufacturer, asked us if we could provide them with the application to create an E2E solution together with their Cloudgate gateway.

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