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Australia is getting smart with more than 80 of our apps

NNNCo - Australian IoT operator

The National Narrowband Network Co. (NNNCo) is an operator that offers an IoT network and platform to companies and governments in Australia. NNNCo wants to prepare every city in Australia for IoT and thus make the whole country 'connected'. The operator also won a tender from the government to offer agricultural IoT solutions to all farms looking to become smart about agricultural IoT. To make that happen, they use our IoT platform and more than 80 of our ready-to-use apps.

Convinced by lightning-fast development

The city of Newcastle, a customer of NNNCo, asked them to make all data it collects through their LoRaWAN network ready for use. Newcastle unfortunately did not have a lot of time and asked NNNCo to propose a solution fairly quickly. In addition to some other players, NNNCo also contacted us. 2 weeks and 2 days later we were able to deliver what they needed.

It was the start of a great collaboration.

“WMW's platform is very flexible and helps us build the IoT market in Australia. We can respond quickly to our customers' questions and build apps that transmit the data from the device and visualize it for the users. WMW's extensive application catalog gives us an important market advantage. Our customers can test out different apps and features to see what works best for them. We accompany them on that voyage of discovery. ”

Tony Tilbrook, CTO and COO of NNNCo

An app for every possible use-cases

We deliver IoT applications for vertical use-cases, to NNNCo, in which their customers and resellers can view the transmitted data. Thanks to 1. our visualisation layer, 2. the N2N-DL platform that the operator built themselves and 3. its extensive range of certified sensors, NNNCo has a complete toolset at its disposal. In this way they offer their customers solutions for the most diverse usage scenarios. For example, apps that monitor food safety, guarantee social distancing and measure air quality. It was great to show how we could integrate into other existing solutions in such a short timeframe.


The cooperation with NNNCo also benefits us because we both develop our solutions with the user in mind. We shared our market experience with them. Their experience in the IoT world and their view of it as early adopters of LoRaWAN gave us new ideas that we immediately implemented in our application library. 

“Thanks to the flexibility of the WMW platform and their large catalog of applications, our customers can immediately test different apps and see which features work best for them.”

Tony Tilbrook, CTO of NNNCo


Social Distancing

In a response to the Covid pandemic, the NNNCo partnership is also bringing Proximity Monitoring IoT solution to Australia


Smart farming

With our apps, Australian farms can see where their livestock is, whether the gates to their pastures are closed or open and predict when they need to service their water pump.


Smart city

Newcastle, a city on the Australian east coast, uses our apps to manage its waste, indicate empty parking spaces and manage water meters, among other things.

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