What we can do for you

Smart agriculture

With increasing food production in the following decades, the smart farmer will be more prepared to deliver his best. We're geared up to assist in multiple domains. With products, ready-made solutions, and a wide sense of customization we adapt to many ways of working.

Tracking cattle, managing herds, directing farm personnel, measuring soil conditions, registering rainfall, tracking equipment, planning tasks, monitoring refrigeration, connecting warehouses, … are just some of the integrated solutions we have on offer.

Connected People

As a part of the digital transformation, in some cases your team needs to be connected as well.

Todays market requires flawless customer support. Your technicians, out in the field, are obviously doing their work to very high standards. So what can we add? Security, health and safety. With our tools and tailored solutions you can run and follow up that team, live and on the spot. 

Needless to say that all this comes with GDPR at the core, but also tailored to the local / regional legislation.

Smart Cities

With a portfolio of + 200 sensors (and growing), there are numerous ways of registering conditions at a certain location in your city. From mouse traps to manhole sensors. Ultrasonic waste level measurements to parking detectors. Streetlight controllers to traffic sign positioners.


Integrated into our WMW hub, we work as a collector, processor and dispatcher, managing all data to become insightful for local and regional governments.

Smart Supply Chain

Your end client will probably have asset tracking, Inventory and Warehouse management, Fleet management, Barcode scanning, active and passive RFID, Track&Trace black box solutions in place.


Nowadays, these are enhanced by low-priced sensors and connection plans. This adds valuable extra data or sometimes even replaces the existing solution at hand. WMW's hub connects all of these.

Smart Building

A building deals with energy, inhabitants, visitors, the environment, ...
All these add data or request data that we use to optimise the consumption and the occupancy of the building, and that we also use to add an extra level of security for every person within or around the building. 

Smart Industry

There are two main domains in smart industry. Monitoring, controlling and optimizing the production process on one hand, and monitoring and maintaining the actual produced goods on the other hand. Connected, fed and reported to your SCADA systems, WMW can bring all that is missing to the table.

"Other holistic IoT platforms are either modular or purely based on proprietary programming. We work with a software library in which we write every application ourselves but reuse pieces of code from other projects.​"

Bert Vanaken, CEO of WMW