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Smart Buildings

Ensuring employee and resident well-being while optimising indoor & outdoor property services

"Buildings should serve people, not the other way around".

John Portman

The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) movement, safety and health requirements urge new technologies to address opportunities for public and private building management. The power of data helps real estate, organisations and commercial tenants to take control of a wide range of building issues.

Significantly reduce waste and leakage, utility costs and increase employee and visitor satisfaction by making your building smart.


A building's legacy infrastructure can be quite easily overhauled by newer technologies such as IoT. The digitisation of your building results in an intelligent, data producing asset that serves its occupants health and comfort. 

Think of your building a an integral part of a wider property. Next to indoor applications such as energy optimisation, cleaning, people monitoring, leakage detection and meeting room occupancy, outdoor applications such as smart parking spots, irrigation systems and camera surveillance are equally as important.


Luckily, at WMW we cover any technology of your choosing: whether it be Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or IoT technologies such as LoRaWAN for deep indoor penetration, we deliver you data from every aspect of your building.

The hub, bringing data together

Buildings require a complex skill set of data extraction. Multiple floors, hard to reach and deep underground spaces as well as multiple buildings on a campus are examples of the flexibility that is required to understanding what it going on in your property.

The first issue that springs to mind usually is monitoring the energy consumption throughout the building. All utilities can be monitored, grouped and provided with analytics. At WMW we take this further to more specific applications such as access control, occupancy, leak detection, and smoke alarms.

We deliver an integrated document management so that you can keep your electricity bills near the readings of your usage. We also have a templating system to generate worksheets with orders and tasks for the maintenance of your building.


If a sensor detects it, we can accept it, smarten it, aggregate it and deliver the intelligence of it


Do not start from scratch

We own an existing catalogue of previously created applications. Together with the experience of other use cases around the world and that of your local System Integrator we offer the best way forward to solve the problems and optimisations in your property.

apps agriculture.png

 Devices already onboarded

Applications ready to use

  • Desk occupancy

  • Meeting room occupancy

  • Predictive cleaning

  • Air quality monitoring

  • Utilities (water, power)

  • Predictive maintenance

  • People tracking

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Irrigation systems

  • Security

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