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We develop the solution that

your customer needs 

At WMW, we look for experts in their own field to bring our product to the market. Or in other words, partners that know their market that we can support building up an IoT business strategy. Whether it be agriculture, transportation, or smart cities. As a result, they know best which IoT solution will fit their targeted market.

With an investment from our side including + 150 ready made applications, we also offer our library based development skills to make the next fully tailored solution. Want to join our partnership program?

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Discover WMW

We're not just an IoT product, we are a technology to create IoT solutions.


Roughly, IoT is built up out of four components:


1.  Sensors connected to gateways

2. A connectivity layer such as Wi-Fi, Cellular or LoRaWAN

3. A data layer retrieving the data

4. An application layer to manage that data and visualise it

At WMW we integrate part 3 and 4. This makes us a highly performant data layer that can be fuelled by any connectivity & hosted anywhere and an extremely free and flexible application layer with a cutting edge technology to build any type of use case.  

Our technology is used to create IoT applications for a wide variety of use cases deployed by global Telco Operators and System Integrators.

By the way;

Our application layer can also work with Cloud services such as Azure and AWS.​ The platform comes pre-packed with a catalogue of +150 ready made applications.

Internet of Everything


End customers see us as a link between their internal workings (like their ERP system) and their external field employees / assets.  We are a big data platform that can sit on the edge or in the cloud. We measure and register what is important for our customers and send it straight back to their home base. 

Who for?


WMW has been created for anyone that needs to log and collect field information. Whether you would like to track people or assets in any industry, our system is geared up for it!

But we do aim at System Integrators and Telco Operators. We believe everybody doing their job should be an expert, and our partners - the System Integrators - are experts in their market segment. They understand their clients needs much better, through their background, and have a close contact with them. They also bring together hardware and connectivity, our platform can do the rest.

Our technology is used in Smart City, Smart Industry, Healthcare, Agriculture, Logistics, ... and is running on multiple servers, both cloud and on premise, across the globe.


Originated in Belgium, servicing the globe


We strongly believe any customer should be serviced by experts. Our model is built around this. We act as the extended arm of established businesses facilitating in their IoT needs for themselves and their customers.

We can help Telco Operators make a lot of use of their connectivity networks and offerings by helping creating full productised solutions that can be taken to market. The combination of devices, their connectivity and our data and application layer box up a full dedicated solution to solve specific problem. Examples are: Asset Tracking, Air Quality, Temperature monitoring, ...


On the other hand, we are the extended arm of System Integrators, that are established experts in their domein. Some are dedicated to Agriculture, others are experts in Logistics, and there are more generalistic integrators that work across the board from Smart City to Healthcare. Our data intake platform can accept data from anywhere and our application building technology can cook up any form of asset management and generate insights on any use case.


What do we do for our partners?


We want to allow them to take on every project and not be limited to anything. For that we have invested heavily in:

  • Connectivity knowledge

  • Device catalogue

  • Multiple database systems

  • Analytics and visualisation

  • Filtering and reporting

  • Ruling and alarms engines

  • Notification and automation mechanisms

  • ...

With all this in place, and the expertise of the partner and his customer, any problem can be tackled. And as we grow into this space, we are often asked as experts for our partners in the design thinking phase. Our team of architects, account managers and project owners are leveraged to build out the most cost efficient solution to the widest of problems.

It is so rewarding, to be able to do this, and our team will go that extra mile again and again chasing those taps on the shoulder every time we deliver.

What we have for you


Not only can we make anything, we also have made a lot already.

As a partner

  • you will have access to a catalogue of more than 150 applications, ready, off the shelf.

  • you will have a demo account and sales collateral

  • you will be given the opportunity to host it anywhere around the world with an advanced management and monitoring tool behind it

  • you will get a reseller interface with account management, billing preparation, device management, ...

  • you will be able to benefit from hundreds of already onboarded devices

  • you have the choice between multiple connectivity sources

  • you can combine apps in total suites fit not just a use case but a complete market

  • ...


Any connectivity

Any hosting

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