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The data platform as an essential part of anything IoT

To support partners in the broadest way possible on their IoT journey, a few key principles were part of our drawing board when architecting our solution. We wanted to make sure we are as independent as possible. We had to prepare to accept data from a very wide range of protocols. The ingest of data had to be super performant. Security was part of the design thinking. And all this would have to be hosted anywhere in the world in any Cloud, Edge or Premise.


Multithreading core server processing

Our endpoints can be generalist or dedicated and are managed per partner, use case or server. Typically, in IoT, the device will send as little data as possible to not use up network bandwidth or consume excessive battery power.


A complex system of queues, processors, parsers, enrichment engines and routers will transform the data, originating from any source, into smart data. This data will pass through a rules engine to validate met thresholds, limits or exceptions, triggering actions and notifications.


All this is built with independent core server languages and technologies to make maximum use of CPU's, RAM and all other resources. This approach keeps the footprint down but also allows for hosting independence.




Since we service end customer use cases all over the world and in every vertical market, we have taken hosting flexibility pretty far. And the same goes for the scaling.

WMW can run on any cloud hosting in the world. Shared, dedicated, united, decentralised, on premise and even full dark side deployments are possible.

The architecture allows for single node setup or full fragmented distributed open architecture node separation: horizontal scaling. All nodes can also be load-balanced allowing for vertical scaling.

WMW has a PaaS behind it streamlining and managing every hosting environment with advanced server management tools. Included as well is an extensive monitoring platform with detailed analytics on all the infrastructure and application components.



Another promise on the mission statement is the flexibility in connectivity protocols. Our platform accepts data from multiple LoRaWAN network servers, cellular networks supporting all flavours from GPRS to 5G and anything in between.

We process data originating from Wi-Fi networks, BLE (mesh) RFID, NFC, ...

All together we have several hundreds of devices already onboarded and built out a bring-your-own-device program.


Storage and data preparation

Probably the most essential part will be the various databases. Temporary data during processing, raw data, queued data, prepared data, and conclusion data all have their allocated best performant systems and technologies.

We add flexibility in data retention together with Machine Learning and AI. Needless to say that our coding and scripting languages are targeted towards best usage of each and every technology in place.

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