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Our Position

We're not about IT. We're about solutions.

You're probably looking for a lot of technical insights, how-to's and use cases. We can help you with that, of course. But let us first tell you about the way we look at IoT. 

We think differently. Back in the nineties, one would say we think out of the box. Today, we think more as product designers than IT specialists or tech wizards. We look at things from the outside in. 

We think from a client's perspective and want things to work. Swift, easy-to-manage, scalable and budget-friendly.


Thanks to our library and framework, we’re able to process new ideas and POC’s in a matter of days.


WMW technology is not a black box. We talk and listen to you and your clients. We engineer stuff that simply works. 


Different.  Agnostic.

We’ll use whatever it takes to get your business cases on air. 

Your Partner

We work through an international network of resellers who sell our solutions to end customers. 

Our Purpose

Need optimisation? We're here.

We provide IoT solutions by collecting, managing and visualizing IoT data to make fast data-driven decisions.

We are the shortcut from IoT data to valuable insights, making your business more efficient.

We are all about building a safer, more sustainable world

Our Mission

We leverage our IoT data technology and services to deliver valuable business insights across any industry.

By collecting, managing and visualizing IoT data, we want to accelerate your business growth.

WMW Hub is doing this in a reseller model.
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