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Health care

Helping health care facilities and their patients

"The greatest wealth is health"

As stated by multiple sources

Healthcare is one of society's most valuable services. Yet, hospitals and healthcare centers around the globe suffer from ageing equipment, infrastructure and often lack resources to keep up with innovation. Thanks to the Internet of Things, healthcare can now become a whole lot smarter.

From panic buttons, to wheelchair tracking and cold storage monitoring of medication; let's turn hospitals into living data-producing assets.


Hospitals run a number of critical processes to continuously ensure patient management, wellbeing, and security. They're exposed to quickly changing environments in times of crisis and need to be alert and agile at all times. To respond to these needs, hospital staff needs to be equipped with the right tools to take fast decisions, streamline patient's protocols and respond to medical necessities at all times. 

IoT networks and data management offer an optimal cost-effective solution in environments where everyone and everything is constantly on the move. A hospital's IoT network enables staff to keep track of their assets, such as wheelchairs and medical equipment, to monitor supplies such as medication, vaccines, and beds, and to gain insight in the condition of such supplies. 

Any objects becomes smart  throughout the entire hospital premises: indoors, underground and outside. 

Quickly oversee your data

Highly critical environments demand for highly agile solutions. Like so many other companies, WMW has seen the surge for efficient, fast and reliable protocols to deal with an overwhelming increase in patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic. The power of data has never been stronger to make the best possible decisions in any given situation. 


In only a few days time, WMW delivered a completely device and connectivity agnostics best-in-class solution to various resellers and end customers resulting in some 42K connected devices across the healthcare industry. Requested changes were dealt with in a matter of hours, thanks to our intelligent code library approach to plug in new modules with no effort.​


If a sensor detects it, we can accept it, smarten it, aggregate it and deliver the intelligence of it


Do not start from scratch

We own an existing catalogue of previously created applications. Together with the experience of other cities around the world and that of your local System Integrator we offer the best way forward to develop your smart city initiative.

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Suitable devices already onboarded

Applications ready to use

  • Nurse call buttons

  • Panic buttons

  • Asset tracking

  • Cold storage monitoring

  • Connected inhalers

  • Hand hygiene monitoring

  • Inventory management

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