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WMW and Etisalat UAE by e& Collaborate for Internal IoT Projects Elevating Infrastructure Monitoring

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Hasselt / Dubai, 08/12/2023 — WMW, a leading IoT platform technology provider, proudly announces a strategic collaboration with Etisalat UAE by e& , a trailblazing telecommunications company in the UAE. This partnership is centered around the deployment of WMW technology for Etisalat's internal IoT projects, specifically focused on monitoring critical infrastructure elements within Etisalat's telecommunications network

The Collaboration: Internal IoT Projects

This collaboration heralds a transformative era in internal IoT projects as WMW's state-of-the-art technology seamlessly integrates into Etisalat's infrastructure. What sets the WMW platform apart is its device and communication technology agnosticism, going beyond just cellular connectivity. This adaptability not only future-proofs Etisalat's IoT initiatives but also opens the door to a plethora of use cases without being limited to a specific communication standard.

Agnostic to Devices and Communication Technologies:

WMW's platform exhibits unparalleled flexibility by accommodating various devices and communication protocols. It is not confined to cellular connections alone, offering a versatile solution that integrates with a wide array of IoT devices and communication technologies. This agnostic approach ensures that Etisalat can leverage the platform's capabilities across different IoT scenarios, fostering innovation and adaptability.

Optimized Architecture for Server Resources:

Beyond its device agnosticism, the WMW platform boasts an optimized architecture tailored for efficient utilization of server resources. The architecture is engineered to dynamically scale up or down based on both southbound and northbound traffic, ensuring optimal performance in handling incoming data from devices (southbound) and efficiently processing and transmitting relevant information to external systems and users (northbound), if required. This adaptive scalability guarantees that server resources are utilized in the most efficient manner, aligning with the demands of the IoT ecosystem and offering a robust, future-ready solution for Etisalat.

This dual emphasis on device and communication technology agnosticism, coupled with an optimized server architecture, positions the WMW platform as a pioneering force in the realm of internal IoT projects, empowering Etisalat to navigate the evolving landscape of telecommunications infrastructure with unparalleled agility and efficiency.

"At Etisalat, we prioritize innovation to enhance our services and fortify our infrastructure. Maintaining peak operational efficiency is crucial for us, and effective monitoring is key to achieving that objective. With a diverse array of systems and an extensive network of IoT devices, we sought a unified solution capable of seamlessly processing all generated data and delivering it through applications and dashboards for real-time visibility and actionable insights into our assets. In our evaluation of various options, WMW stood out for its unparalleled agility coupled with a robust backend technology that meets industry standards."Etisalat by e& team said.

"We are deeply honored to have been chosen as their partner for the pivotal roles of data collection from sensors, and the visualization of insights. As a frontrunner in the telecommunications industry, Etisalat manages an extensive portfolio of infrastructure that extends far beyond typical operator duties. Aligning all processes into a single 'Centralized IoT Platform', as they call it, makes us proud to be the partner for such a visionary Telco", said Bert Vanaken, CEO @ WMW

Key Benefits of the Collaboration

  • Industry-Leading Adaptability: WMW's cutting-edge technology brings industry-leading adaptability to address a spectrum of IoT use cases. Whether monitoring infrastructure, managing assets, or enhancing operational efficiency, WMW's platform provides a flexible and robust solution for Etisalat's diverse needs.

  • Enhanced Security Compliance: As part of the collaboration, WMW is actively engaged in the installation of its platform on Etisalat's in-country servers and ensuring compliance with stringent cybersecurity requirements. This commitment to security underscores the reliability of the technology in safeguarding sensitive data within the telecommunications ecosystem.

Progress Update

Currently, the collaboration is progressing with the installation of the WMW platform on Etisalat's in-country servers. This phase includes a comprehensive assessment to ensure adherence to rigorous cybersecurity standards. The dedication to cybersecurity aligns with both companies' commitment to maintaining the highest level of data integrity and privacy.

About Etisalat by e&  

e& is one of the world's leading telecom groups in emerging markets. With a net revenue of 14,28 billion USD and a net profit of 2,72 billion USD for 2022, its high credit ratings reflect the company's strong balance sheet and proven long-term performance. 

Etisalat by e& operates in UAE and is headquartered in Abu Dhabi. Etisalat was established over four decades ago in the UAE as the country's first telecommunications service provider and has recently been branded as e&.

A blue-chip organization, e& provides innovative solutions and services to 163 million subscribers in 16 countries across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

e& is ranked the strongest brand across all Middle East and Africa categories by Brand Finance. (

About WMW

The WMW platform gathers, processes and analyzes data collected from people and things. It acts as a hub with a single user interface to visualize any asset in any location for any use case. WMW can be part of a dedicated end-to-end solution or serve as the single point of operation for multiple sensors, projects and sites.

WMW’s groundbreaking platform technology has led to the production of more than 200 applications and thousands of connected devices. The platform offers unparalleled flexibility, facilitating 100% customization to seamlessly integrate and elevate your projects to unprecedented heights. Embraced worldwide through a diverse network of partners, WMW's global success story is fueled by its remarkable rapid development capabilities and boundless customization opportunities.



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