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Smart Water

Controlling non revenue water and ensuring worldwide water supply and safety

"Thousands have lived without love, not one without water"

W.H Auden

The statistics are troublesome: according to WHO, in 2017 785 million people lack even a basic drinking-water service, including 144 million people who are dependent on surface water. And by 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas. Closely monitoring our water supply is one of the most critical global issues at hand. 

Water leakage monitoring, billing optimisation and automated water reading will reduce non revenue water


Humans and earth cannot survive without water. The urgency of delivering good quality drinking water across the globe is reaching a critical state. Large amounts of non revenue water due to leakages and incorrect billing causes both health and economical damage.  

The World Bank has estimated the total cost of non revenue water to utilities worldwide at US$14 billion per year. Reducing by half the current levels of losses in developing countries, where relative losses are highest, could generate an estimated US$2.9 billion and serve an additional 90 million people.

At WMW, we understand and deal with urgencies in the blink of an eye. Thanks to our existing database of solutions and our application library approach, we turn demand into delivery in no time. 

By providing access to real-time data, utilities can tackle billing and support issues, detect leakage, increase accurate water metering and respond to national regulations that drive renewable energy sources.

Water monitoring & management at its best

Utilities across the globe face water billing challenges, made worse during the COVID-19 pandemic. Accurate billing thanks to automated water metering can make up for billions of dollars in loss. Leak detection and predictive maintenance can be massively optimised by integrating IoT networks to existing infrastructures. 

Remote water metering is one of IoT's fastest growing use cases.

At WMW, we are glad to be able to fastly respond to utilities's needs.

But it doesn't stop there. The platform, capable of addressing millions of meters, also talks to valves, pipes, reservoirs and even total area's. By aggregating data and drawing logical conclusions, we have the capability to create complex algorithms that can help direct the grid system and predict on where the new consumption will happen.


If a sensor detects it, we can accept it, smarten it, aggregate it and deliver the intelligence of it


Do not start from scratch

We own an existing catalogue of previously created applications. Together with the experience of other regions around the world and that of your local System Integrator we offer the best way forward to develop your water management

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Devices already onboarded

Applications ready to use

  • Leak detection

  • Water quality monitoring

  • Water pressure levels

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Water distribution monitoring (valves)

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