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Smart Agriculture

Where farmers and food producers optimise the use of their resources

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is now."

As stated by multiple sources

The gut feeling of every farmer has always been the basis of his or her success. Everything else depends on the weather conditions. Thanks to emerging IoT technologies, farmers become more conscious about their yields and livestock by equipping them with data to take the right decisions.

Monitor and analyze your cattle or crop conditions to optimize your workflows and save on production costs.

With increasing food production in the following decades, farmers need to be prepared to deliver their best. WMW, the IoT framework, is geared up to assist in multiple domains.


Tracking cattle, managing herds, directing farm personnel, measuring soil conditions, detecting growth, registering rainfall, tracking equipment, planning tasks, monitoring refrigeration, connecting warehouses, … are just some of the integrated solutions we have on offer.


The hub, bringing data together

Our population is growing rapidly. Food demand is expanding consumer's wishes are changing. On top of that, and probably more important, sustainability and eco-friendly food production is at everybody's heart and mind.

Collecting data to take the right decisions is a good start. But, at WMW we use a special library software development approach to rapidly build out entire solutions supported by task management and a configuration mechanism to start all your top and bottom levels of condition sensing in crop growth and cattle breeding. 

With our documented API we are best suited to be integrated into the running farm software and ERP system within the client’s company processes. We do not operate as a platform, but as a software library, building your tailored solution in no time.


If a sensor detects it, we can accept it, smarten it, aggregate it and deliver the intelligence of it


Do not start from scratch

We own an existing catalogue of previously created applications. Together with the experience of other cities around the world and that of your local System Integrator we offer the best way forward to develop your smart city initiative.

apps agriculture.png

Devices already onboarded

Applications ready to use

  • Soil moisture

  • Tank filling

  • Valve positioning

  • Metering

  • Water quality

  • Irrigation

  • Asset tracking

  • Machine monitoring

  • Cattle tracking

  • Weather station

  • Air quality

  • Motion detection

  • Fence open/close 

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