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Remigijus Šeris, CEO of LRTC, has published an article titled "Smart LoRa comes to Lithuanian cities" about the formation of a center of excellence in his country.

Translated from the original post:

A group of Lithuanian companies that have come together under the flags of the Internet of Things and the Smart City have formed a center of excellence ready to meet the aspirations of cities and the need to develop smart urban systems.

Transportation management, parking, waste management, air pollution monitoring, street lighting, heat and water metering are just some of the areas where IoT solutions will be deployed soon. They will enable the management of urban engineering systems to be significantly more efficient, save energy and natural resources, and improve the quality of life of citizens.

LoRa Alliance in Lithuania and the world

Organizations and brands such as KTU, Telecentre, ACC Distribution, Actility, Axioma, BIPA, WMW and many others have come together in the Smart City Center of Excellence. The technology platform for this group of companies is LoRa wireless technology developed by the US company Semtech.


Link to the full and translated original article here

Link to the original full article here (in Lithuanian)

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