How to visualize LoRaWAN data

At WMW we are helping Cisco US Federal Department to bring a multiple of devices together in a single overview with "a visualization tool to be quickly interpreted".

Read up in this article on how Defence can benefit from LoRaWAN connected devices to visualize logistic flows and add condition monitoring to it.

Our added value has been described as:

There are a few things that really set the WMW platform apart from others, and are why we selected it for this demo:

  • WMW’s platform is already verticalized along use cases, like logistics, smart retail, or agriculture.

  • The platform supports a variety of sensors from different vendors, a huge issue in IoT.

  • They have APIs that enable integration into other existing systems.

Plus, if the WMW application server is unable to specifically do what you need it to today, it can easily be extended to do so in the future. Another great benefit, especially to resource strapped government entities, is its capability to support rapid deployment of new features.