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Asset management

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Miggy, a tracking device leveraging the KPN triangulation network

The nice thing about LoRaWAN is the fact that its technology encompasses geo-positioning through triangulation (Time Difference Of Arrival) at the network level. This way devices do not require a GPS antenna (which consumes quite a bit of energy) and the tracker can be developed in a much smaller formfactor. Such a smaller - and cheaper - tracker, still guaranteeing a lifespan of several years, opens up a whole new market for asset management. And for that reason Miggy have developed their AC01 tracker. What Miggy was missing, was a scalable application platform.

Together with information from the KPN network, we delivered various tracking applications for approximately 20 use cases. Miggy is able to do their management and visualization with us, resulting in a sudden addition of forty monitoring applications for their catalog to the market. Meanwhile, the v2 of their device is packed with extra features and connectors for reporting, like temperature, vibration, luminosity, ... The WMW platform could easily support all these new use cases. Miggy uses a branded version of WMW on its own domain.


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