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Ooredoo - Operator in Qatar

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

WMW strategic partner to roll out IoT in Qatar

Ooredoo is the largest telecom operator in Qatar. System integrator Petromech entered into a joint venture with Talkpool to help Ooredoo bring the emirate's businesses, buildings and cities to the benefits of IoT. We've already delivered a proof of concept for 7 projects. Ooredoo and Petromech were convinced. Tens of thousands of sensors are ready to be connected to our platform.

WMW as 2nd platform in the region

How Ooredoo and Petromech came to us? Ooredoo had a strategy to roll out narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) and had already taken all steps to offer the Qatari government and companies IoT solutions. Ooredoo and Petromech only needed a data and an application layer to create end-to-end solutions. Experiences with other platforms made them validate our platform. In the meantime, we support Petromech in their strategic discussions with Ooredoo.

Thanks to the 2022 FIFA World Cup

External factors help. In our case, the World Cup to be played in Qatar in 2022. The country is in top gear to be ready on time and to ensure that progress in the broadest sense of the word runs smoothly. The apps we provided at Petromech's request help the organizers to prepare for the visitors who come to enjoy the football spectacle. They also help to make the surroundings of the stadiums safe and the infrastructure such as streets, squares, hotels and public buildings to function optimally. Petromech quickly saw that with our platform and our software library they could launch all of their IoT solutions.

Strategic partner

Petromech's Shafaqat Ali: “Ooredoo was looking for a robust platform to accelerate the launch of various IoT solutions in Qatar. That is why we contacted WMW. An obvious choice, because their platform allows to quickly integrate new sensors and offer various ready-to-use solutions. The collaboration with WMW is a strategic partnership for us. It is optimally aligned with Qatar's market needs and the country's vision to counter the challenges of a rapidly changing environment and make our cities and regions smart. ”

Monitoring and smart building management across the whole of Qatar

Petromech has an agreement with Ooredoo to provide apps for their monitoring projects across the country with the help of our platform and framework. We are asked to automate the buildings in Qatar and make them smart to drastically reduce energy consumption. A project in which the government of Qatar is investing many millions. The pilot project is now starting and in the first year after the 'go', the installation and / or connection of approximately 23,500 sensors in buildings will follow.

Our platform and apps are also used for waste management, fuel tank monitoring, cold chain monitoring in cold rooms and hypermarkets and, industrial monitoring (vibrations, tilts and corrosion).

"WMW is our strategic partner to provide IoT solutions that make our cities and regions smart."
Shafaqat Ali, Petromech

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