Discover WMW

WMW is a hub where you combine your operational data with information provided through sensors and people.  Everything you want to know about your assets, people and external services can be linked digitally to your organisation. Through different ways of transmitting data we can even monitor your remote locations or assets.

Whether you use an ERP/TMS or not, we can track and read all activity of your personnel, vehicles, jobs, assets, … live!

Our Mission

We're not about IT.

We're about solutions.

You're probably looking for a lot of technical insights, howto's and use cases. We can help you with that, of course. But let us first tell you about the way we look at IoT. 

We think different. 

Back in the nineties, one would say we think outside of the box. Today, we think more as product designers than IT specialists or tech wizards. We look at things from the outside in. That's why we don't create a lot fuzz about the high-end technical solutions that makes WMW the best solution for you and your clients.


We think from a client perspective and want things to work. Swift, easy-to-manage, scaleable and budget-friendly.

Core Values


Thanks to our library and framework, we’re able to process new ideas and POC’s in a matter of days.


WMW technology is not a black box. We talk and listen to you and your clients. We engineer stuff that simply works. 


Different.  Agnostic.

We’ll use whatever it takes to get your business cases on air. 

Your Partner

We work through an international network of partners that provide our solutions to end customers. 


Who is WMW for

WMW has been created for anyone who needs to log and collect field information. Whether you would like to track people or assets in any industry, want to know certain conditions of an area, or know the status of an asset, our system is geared up for collecting the data and present it for consultation.

But we do aim at System Integrators and Telco Operators. We believe everybody doing their job should be an expert, and our partners - the System Integrators and Operators - are experts in their market segment. They understand their clients needs much better, through their background, and have a close contact with them.

IoT across all markets

WMW is not just for people, but just as much for Things. If you have sensors or events to track, we are the dashboard to use. Tracking the whereabouts of your assets, the filling level of your waste containers, the temperature of your cargo, the usage of your pallets or even the statistics of your animals, … we have the platform to do so. 


Data security

With independence in mind, everything has been built up from an open-source mindset with very high standards.
Cyber security and data protection have been considered from the core up and even our deployment capabilities are engineered towards this. With horizontal and vertical scalability in mind the whole, or even parts, of the platform can run in several different setups and infrastructures to facilitate maximum security if and when that is needed.

Airquality rule.png


Packed with logic, alarm systems and notification tools we take the meaning and insights of your data to the next level and make it look like childsplay. Connecting your things onto our dashboard has never been easier and consolidating the datafeeds together is at the hart of our success.

The solution comes with an extensive Ruling system, Orders & Tasks engine, Various Analytics and KPI visualisations and a lot of monitoring.