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GlobeOSS Announces Collaborative Partnership With WMW To Integrate IoT Solutions Within Current Data

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

The Malaysia -based advanced digital analytics solution provider to deliver even better business results for industrial customers by teaming up with global IoT specialists WMW.

Malaysia —GlobeOSS, enabling customers to derive value, insights and intelligence from data capturing and analysis, will now be partnering with WMW to bring innovative IoT solutions to market across Malaysia. WMW specializes in the developing fully customizable IoT data platforms and single-purpose applications for telecom operators and systems integrators worldwide. The two companies aim to create new use cases in a wide range of verticals, including retail, healthcare, financial services, logistics, agriculture, government, telecommunications, and more.

This announcement marks the establishment of a long-term project dedicated to building an IoT ecosystem of device manufacturers, solutions providers and industry consultants in order to address a variety of market opportunities.

“As part of increasingly ambitious government and private sector digital transformation initiatives and business diversification, together with GlobeOSS we will focus on leveraging data for actionable insights in order to demonstrably reduce operational costs and increase revenue for the former’s customers”, said Bert Vanaken, CEO at WMW.

“We are looking forward to WMW providing us the intelligence and ideas to meet existing vertical industry needs,” said Ann Wan Kuan, CEO at GlobeOSS. “In addition, we’ll be creating new use cases by connecting data sources to existing data lakes, which IoT will enable.”

WMW services end customer use cases all over the world, applying and scaling their platform in a variety of vertical markets. Shared, dedicated, united, decentralized, on premise and even full dark side deployments, the platform runs on any cloud host. ​WMW has a PaaS behind it streamlining and managing every hosting environment with advanced server management tools. Included as well is an extensive monitoring platform with detailed analytics on all the infrastructure and application components.

GlobeOSS helps companies not only create data-driven cultures, but also guides them in extracting rich data from their operations to create actionable insights in the ultimate goal of achieving better business outcomes. They recognize that IoT can play a highly important role in accurately calculating ROI to clearly and quantifiably measure reduced cost and increased revenue.

Digitalization initiatives in Malaysia have skyrocketed in recent years and GlobeOSS will add IoT capabilities to further improve its positioning with wide ranging experience in data analytics across industry. Current use cases include waste management data analytics for governments, smart city deployments for telcos, advanced analytics to increase yield in agriculture, geoanalytics for retail, etc. IOT will significantly add value as an additional data source for increasing revenue, reducing cost, and enhancing customer experience.

About GlobeOSS

At GlobeOSS, we are not just delivering Advanced Digital Analytic Solution, we deliver better business results. We strive to enable our customers to unlock the power of data. We hope to be the catalyst, in your organization, to be a data culture organization (people), technology driven (technology) in an automated way (process). We want to empower enterprises to be a data driven organization.

About WMW

The WMW platform gathers, processes and analyzes data collected from people and things. It acts as a hub with a single user interface to visualize any asset in any location for any use case. WMW can be part of a dedicated end-to-end solution or serve as the single point of operation for multiple sensors, projects and sites.

WMW’s unique platform technology has led to the production of more than 175 applications and thousands of connected devices. The platform allows for 100% customisation to enable deep integration and taking your project to a next level. WMW is sold worldwide by various partners, mainly because of the speed of development and extreme customisation possibilities.

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