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Embrace all outside data without getting lost
We measure and process your people and assets

WMW is a hub,

an online data collecting platform.

More specifically, it's a software library that creates data collection platforms!

Used mainly for IoT dashboards and solutions, we provide businesses with easy-to-use insights, maximum flexibility and thorough integrations.

Our hub is also used to manage people (IoP), register their whereabouts and efficiently schedule staff.

Our approach

Looking for a specific application? Chances are that we've already got it! Our catalogue is filled with many off-the-shelf applications, but we can also take them
a step further to fit your personal needs.


During the last few years,  we've created a framework of code and a library of modules. Depending on your needs, we can pick (and adapt) modules and merge them with our library blocks and raw code to provide you with that perfect vertical that is fully tailored to your liking.


We're active in a lot of domains. Take a look below and discover why we are your perfect solution. 


Cattle Tracking, Lifestock Management, Greenhouse Monitoring, Soil condition Measurement, Rainfall Detection, Machine Tracking, Waterlevel control, …


Asset Tracking, Materials Management, Waste Control, Bobbin Tracker, Workforce Planning, Time&Attendance, Mobility, Vehicle tracking, Anti Theft Security, Access Control, …


Track employee efficiency through Time & Attendance solutions. Control who has access to your sites and buildings.  Plan your work with Tasks & Worksheets

Smart City

Manhole monitoring, Roadsign management, Waste management, Air quality, Door monitoring, Flooding, Occupancy, Metering, Asset tracking, Waste water monitoring, ...

Logistics & Supply

Delay Prediction, Asset Tracking,  Pallet Tracking, Cold Chain Monitoring, Freight Security, Customer Feedback, Planning, Container Tracking, Lane Detection, …

Smart Industry

Energy monitoring, machinepark inventory, Production optimisation, Asset tracking, Environmental conditions, Logistics, Equipment usage, ...


For operators and integrators

Our framework has produced a catalogue of +100 applications. Tailored to several industries it has lead to many more business cases.

As an application enablement platform we offer an ever-growing catalogue of off-the-shelf applications. Additionally we hold a WMW-Light version that is used as a fully automated setup system. We can also provide an application generator to mix our modules into your own vertical.

On top of that we provide POC startup programs, demo dashboards & tools, enterprise tailored solutions, multi tenant client onboarding systems, reporting for invoicing, etc …

Why work with us?
For faster, in depth results.
  • Besides our focus on IoT to manage your assets, we also have a focus on IoP to manage your people.

  • We don’t just visualise the data of an asset, we manage the complete asset.

  • Through our years of framework development, we work fast and reliable, resulting in a greater cost efficiency.

  • Our software comes with API functionalities for easy integration in existing systems.

  • Through our SaaS environment we offer scalable solutions made to measure, to fit your requirements.

  • We include high security, data protection and comply with all Privacy regulations.

  • We have a global presence and partner network so that you are served locally both with off-the-shelf solutions as customised ones.

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