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Groundbreaking IoT application technology to develop

single-purpose apps and fully tailored data platforms

Data ingestion, enrichment and storage, visualization, asset management and analytics

For Telco Operators and System Integrators in a multitenant environment

Worldwide and local;

always at your service 

Fast, flexible and

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WMW is your personalised IoT hub.

We're not just a platform, we are a service to guarantee the success of your customer's IoT project.

We work with a code framework and a module library to offer ultra-fast cost-efficient application development.

We cherry pick modules for you and merge them with raw code.

The result? A perfectly fitting solution.

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Device and connectivity agnostic

Our data platform and services are used by Telco Operators and System Integrators across the globe. Our primary objective: to facilitate any IoT project for their end customers.

Thanks to our "any code, any solution" approach, we can develop a 100% tailored and fitted solution for any use case.





We can be hosted in any environment and on-premise. We include extensive server- and application monitoring to ensure security and stability for your projects. 


Any player in any industry can resell our solutions

We invest in tools, functions, connectors, and our library, 
allowing you to invest in business development and an IoT strategy.  Thanks to our LoRaWAN network servers, Wi-Fi network connectors, TCP connectors, and so on, we are able to minimize your limitations when developing your business.


Onboard customers, distributors, POC clients in the multitenant environment. Create your fully customized solution. 

Partners & Resellers


The Possibilities Are Endless

Got a problem that's been wracking your brain? We advise you to relax and give us a call. What may be daunting to you, is a fun challenge for us.  

Let's Talk

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