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Proud "Double" Nominee of the Data News Awards for Excellence ‘21

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

You’ve read that right, we're in twice. On Monday, June 7th, the established Belgian IT magazine Data News announced that we’ve been officially nominated in the Data News Awards for Excellence 2021. These awards are the result of a solid selection process by the editorial staff of Data News, its readers and a jury that consists of IT professionals. Moreover, this was/is the first time that we’re entered and guess what? Bullseye!

WMW has been nominated in two different categories. First up there’s the ‘Belgian Scale up Company of the Year’ which is destined for Belgian technology scale ups that have grown exponentially over the last couple of years and are currently developing their market through strategic collaborations. (We do tick all those boxes, don’t we?!)

Next up there’s also the ‘Enterprise Application Innovator of the Year’ category. This one underpins the importance of technology trendsetters and how they create new possibilities in the field of enterprise level applications. Our fresh framework approach, in an IoT market, that usually looks at it from a different perspective is indeed paying off.

As one can imagine, we’re very proud and honoured to have been selected as nominees, but we do aim a bit further than just that. You can help us and vote until June 20th; all that’s left for you to do is to click here

If you want to vote: there are 14 categories and you have to run through them. We are on the 3rd and the 8th category as WMW-Hub. Thanks a million !



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