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OneNetwork Announces Global Partnership With WMW To Power IoT Applications With Deep Data Capturing

The Mumbai-based cloud platform and end-to-end device connectivity company to deliver more advanced application capabilities and increased user-friendliness with global IoT specialists WMW.

Mumbai, India — One Network, providers of industrial scale smart network connectivity and applications, will now be partnering with WMW to bring even more innovative and dedicated solutions to market across the globe. WMW specializes in developing fully customizable IoT data platforms and single-purpose applications for telecom operators and systems integrators worldwide. The two companies aim to create new use cases in a wide range of verticals, including manufacturing, utilities, agriculture, hospitality, and more.

This announcement marks the establishment of a long-term project dedicated to deliver to customers highly customized applications and use cases by utilizing One Networks extensive LoRaWAN deployment experience along with the versatile and user-centered WMW platform.

“We are very excited with our collaboration as it forms an integral component of our IoT stack,” said Anuradha Kaur, Managing Director at One Network. “We look forward to building a strong go-to-market proposition in the India and Middle East region along with the WMW team.”

WMW services end customer use cases all over the world, applying and scaling their platform in a variety of vertical markets. Shared, dedicated, united, decentralized, on premise and even full dark side deployments, the platform runs on any cloud host. ​WMW has a PaaS behind it streamlining and managing every hosting environment with advanced server management tools. Included as well is an extensive monitoring platform with detailed analytics on all the infrastructure and application components.

“The Indian market is an incredibly large one full of potential, thanks to a strong ambition to improve efficiency, safety and people’s wellbeing across multiple sectors”, said Bert Vanaken, CEO at WMW. “We are hopeful that our platform strengthens the desire for digitalization in this rapidly evolving nation”.

One Network has provided end-to-end solutions to strategic partners and end-customers — from designing architecture to full scale deployment in any and all industry verticals — for over 25 years. The company also helps visualize customer data and provide insights by leveraging cloud platforms or integrating with existing applications using multiple integrators for increased business value.

About One Network

One Network is over a two-decade old technology conglomerate head quartered in India, having branches in UAE, and Singapore, excels in multiscale IT projects in IoT, networking, security, cloud and data centers for enterprises and large enterprises across India and the globe.

One Network designs, develops, and deploys reliable and cost-effective Industrial IoT solutions. As a leading provider of end-to-end IoT Solutions, One Network helps forward-thinking enterprises to create truly connected IoT networks that utilize the latest connectivity standards to provide highly accurate data & intelligence.

About WMW

The WMW platform gathers, processes and analyzes data collected from people and things. It acts as a hub with a single user interface to visualize any asset in any location for any use case. WMW can be part of a dedicated end-to-end solution or serve as the single point of operation for multiple sensors, projects and sites.

WMW’s unique platform technology has led to the production of more than 175 applications and thousands of connected devices. The platform allows for 100% customisation to enable deep integration and taking your project to a next level. WMW is sold worldwide by various partners, mainly because of the speed of development and extreme customisation possibilities.

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