My life at WMW

Updated: Apr 1

Technical Lead Jo Warson tells his story.

"Today, data comes from devices that can measure all sorts of things. We’re even monitoring entire cities!"

I've been working in the IT sector for almost 20 years. Back when I started, the internet was a completely different place. Do you remember dialing into your phone-network to get online, or the dot-com bubble? We have come a long way.

I entered WMW about 9 years ago. The reason I started working at WMW was simple; I wanted to focus on longer lasting work that had long-term impact, instead of one-off projects. I was looking for a mission that I could get involved with right from the start and stay with all the way to the end. The code we write at WMW aids the evolution of the IoT World. We are right on the frontline, doing something that matters.

Jo Warson - Technical Lead at WMW

I started off as a developer, but today I'm WMW’s Technical Lead. My responsibility is to have clear oversight of all the projects we are currently working on. I check what the client needs, who’s going to develop it and I keep an eye on the schedule, to make sure we deliver on time.

Part of my time is spent thinking about how we can handle things in the most efficient way. We receive data from a lot of different types of devices. Then we store it, process it and visualize it. It’s very abstract to think about, so you do really need to take the time to get your head around it. To be honest, I think my mom still doesn't know what my job is, even after explaining it to her for more than 9 years!

I also consider and evaluate what kind of technologies we are going to need. And how we can handle a specific client request in such a way that we can implement pieces of that code into other projects. Or seeing what code we have already created that could be utilised in this project. We're actively building a library of such bits and pieces, which is speeding up our workflow immensely. We have to be super professional about it as well, since our technology is being sold to the biggest players. You certainly need to think of the bigger picture here. To be honest, writing the code is the easy part.

The WMW team is always looking to the future. If you’ve been in the internet game for as long as me, it’s fascinating to see everything evolving around you. Most data used to be generated by website visits, from people searching for stuff online. Today, data is also coming from a lot of devices that can measure all sorts of things. We’re even monitoring entire cities!

We bring that ‘the-future-is-now' mindset to the way we work on projects. Right now, we are working on a project in Zimbabwe, regarding the safety monitoring of transmission towers. In Australia, we are taking data from soil humidity sensors. We know the farmer isn’t going to check that in a complex software system. So, we need to visualize that data in an easy and understandable way on his or her phone. We help customers all around the world to manage and utilise enormous amounts of data. Keeping this whole network running, with millions of connected devices, makes me very proud. I’m not a guy that’s easily impressed, but it’s pretty cool to be able to turn some lights off in Myanmar. I want to show my kids that their dad is busy making cool stuff!

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