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IoT for Defence and other high security rated projects

A few months ago, one of #lorawan's enthusiasts, Michael Harttree, stood in front of the crowd at the LoRaWAN World Expo explaining why the flexible customer-premise solution is his preferred model to generate data with LoRaWAN.

Our strong partnership with Cisco and Actility allows for US government data to be fully protected and kept from being lost thanks to solid application and network servers.

Enabling a fully certified data stream to guarantee top-secret government information is delivered safely to a Pentagon-private Cloud is one big cherry on our LoRaWAN cake.

As the summer is ending, we are looking forward to the exciting season ahead of us. Thank you, Cisco, for always being in this adventure together! And thank you, LoRa Alliance for hosting this important event.

In this presentation Michel Harttree, Federal IoT Architect at Cisco, explored how IoT deployments, using LoRaWAN and Actility’s ThingPark Platform, modernize US Government missions. Safety and efficiency improvements have become major concerns for governments and military around the world, but security concerns and scalability issues need to be addressed. The major benefits of LoRaWAN address the concerns, and we have learned many valuable and practical lessons in these deployments.

Watch Mike's full presentation here:



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