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Enhancing Operational Efficiency with LoRaWAN® IoT in High-Security Sectors

Webinar: How LoRaWAN-based IoT solutions can deliver KPI-driven decisions for large enterprises, governments and defence, but also manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, with the highest security standards

March 9, 2023 - 5PM CET Paris (12PM ET New York)

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This webinar will explore the use of LoRaWAN technology and the ThingPark platform to modernize US Government missions and address security and scalability challenges in high-security sectors, such as large enterprises, governments, defence, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, with guest speakers from Cisco and WMW will showcase how, for instance, the US Military is utilizing the LoRaWAN-based tracking devices to improve logistics, enhance worker safety and measure their supply chain.

The speakers will delve into the use of WMW IoT Business Application for data processing and analysis in sectors requiring high-level security. The application demonstrates how IoT can deliver real-time KPIs to organizations, allowing them to make data-driven decisions to enhance operational efficiency. This ability to measure performance in real-time with IoT provides instant feedback on operational costs and performance indicators.

How the US Military and manufacturing companies are using LoRaWAN to improve logistics – indoors and outdoors

To improve efficiency and worker safety, the US Military and manufacturing companies has begun tracking goods, vehicles and workers. Traditional methods, like RFID, didn’t provide the range and coverage required to accurately track so many items. Using a combination of BLE and GPS enabled LoRaWAN trackers, customers can now measure their supply chain and improve it in many ways. High-levels of end-to-end security is among the requirements of our deployments, and it has been very well addressed using the LoRaWAN technology.

Michael Harttree, Federal IoT Architect at Cisco

Applying a multi-purpose IoT business application for data processing & analysis for enterprises and governments

WMW provides one single centric HMI/UI application dashboard allowing the visualization and analysis of data from various sensors through an easy-to-use interface while being agnostic to devices, connectivity and deployment. Hosting a multitude of off-the-shelf applications like set management, indoor & outdoor tracking, IAQ, etc. WMW can be that holistic platform for any Enterprise or Government instance due to its flexibility, security standards and adaptability to fit the varying customer requirements.

Bert Vanaken, Founder & CEO at WMW-Hub.

Where IoT meets business: the magic of KPIs

IoT provides real-time KPIs for organizations by generating vast amounts of data from connected devices. This allows for instant feedback on operational costs and performance indicators, enabling organizations to quickly identify overlooked issues and areas for improvement. By measuring performance in real-time, IoT drives operational efficiency. “Measure it to improve it” is the key to unlocking the power of IoT for KPI-driven decision making.

Olivier Hersent, CEO at Actility

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