Supply Chain Management

Monitor supply chain data and get valuable insights.
70% of retail and manufacturing companies have already started a digital transformation project in their supply chain and logistics operations

Asset tracking, Inventory and Warehouse management, Fleet management are all existing digital solutions in today’s market. Barcode scanning, active and passive RFID, Track&Trace black box solutions have been in our landscape in the past decades. But low priced sensors and connection plans that are made available now will add valuable extra data or sometimes even replace the existing solution at hand.

Optimize your process, feed your SCM, visualize your flows and act before problems occur.


ERP and supply chain management (SCM) have been connected for quite some time now, resulting in proven optimizations. IoT will act as a catalyst in these optimizations by intelligently connecting people, processes, data, and things via devices and sensors.

Deeper intelligence into supply and demand will not only benefit manufacturers, distributors, and retailers but also consumers, as their demands can be better met (and registered).

Tracking & Sensing


With a wide portfolio of asset trackers, personal devices and proximity scanners we can offer a solution and deep integration to many different existing processes. Tracking the location of goods, the temperature of the immediate environment, the status of the driver, … 



All data can be collected and relayed back to the internal systems by using a wide range of M2M connections (LoRaWAN / NBIoT / Sigfox / GPRS-3G-4G / Wifi) and technologies such as BT / BLE / NFC / RFID / LoRa.

Next level


Containers, boxes, personel, pallets, trolleys, … can be combined with info from doorways, vehicles, set-scanners, digital worksheets, order planning, … to assist in analytics, conclusions, actions, …

Applicable solutions

Asset tracking

Besides your goods, follow your resources as well

Cold Chain

Pallet & Bobbin Reel

Container tracking

Locate and lock your cargo, vehicles, containers and controll them remotely

Save on energy costs and increase food safety

Decrease administration, planning, and theft.
Increase your productivity.

Cargo conditions

Monitor the cargo while in transit, add blockchain security to ensure these conditions

Warehouse conditions

Realtime analytics on your goods environment while they are stored

WMW as an adapted service.


We combine inputs from API connected systems, public communication networks, smart device apps, custom software and connected devices such as LoRaWAN networked sensors. Our system does not only collect but also processes and manages the needed data for every use case it facilitates.

With our documented API we are best suited to be integrated into the running ERP and SCM system within the clients’ company processes. We do not operate as a platform, but as a software library, building your solution in no time.

Use cases of Monitored High-Security Transport and Connected Police Reporting Services are but examples of our deep-rooted integrations.

1 + 1 = 3

WMW is a registration dashboard, every aspect of the supply chain can be part of it.
We have developed a system of micro-modules and a software library which enables us to develop a solution tailored to your company and its processes.
Challenge us for your process optimizations.

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