Smart Industry

Optimising processes, monitoring them and adding extra safety
On your plant & site or during transport towards your client

There are 2 main domains in smart industry. Monitoring, controlling and optimising the production process on 1 hand, and monitoring and maintaining the actual produced goods on the other hand. Connected, fed and reported to your SCADA systems, WMW can bring all that is missing to the table.

Predictive maintenance of the infrastructure,
process optimisation for cost reduction


Our applications are used for inventory of the total machinepark of your factory workshops. Our modules can be altered to hold all relevant information (metadata) of every type of industrial equipment and the ruling system is adapted to any condition that you want to monitor.


With this application you can remotely monitor (ON/OFF status, alarms, …) and control (ON/OFF switching) industrial equipment such as pumps, fans, valves, heaters, coolers, motors, generators, lights, doors…

But there is more. We also offer the ability to monitor the conditions and surroundings of the equipment. Temperature and humidity in the workshop, energy usage, light intensity, ... are all side factors that can have an impact on the working conditions of your equipment and even human resources.

With our software you bring all of this info together and can start operating with collective insights.

Tracking & Managing


We serve as an inventory system of your resources, but we make them smart as well. With sensors that can be retrofitted to your current machinepark, we will know where they are (eg forklifts), what they are doing (On/Off) and what conditions they are in (environment).

Produced products


The actual goods that are produced can also be monitored and followed. Trackers on the pallets and trolleys, airquality sensors in the warehouses and during transport, ... are but a few of the options to ensure the quality of your goods that you guarantee for.

Relevant processes


Other great additions are the abilities to optimise your processes. Parking sensors in your loading bays and door sensors at the gates visualise to your team what the performances of your logistic processes are. And they add an extra layer of security on top of that.

Applicable solutions

Asset tracking

Cold Chain

Bobbin Reel

Container tracking

WMW as an adapted service.


We combine inputs from API connected systems, public communication networks, smart device apps, custom software and connected devices such as LoRaWAN networked sensors. Our system does not only collect but also processes and manages the needed data for every use case it facilitates.

With our documented API we are best suited to be integrated into the running farm software and ERP system within the client’s company processes. We do not operate as a platform, but as a software library, building your tailored solution in no time.

In combination with our task planning and order management, we are fit to direct all (remote) services of your factory.

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