Social (and professional) distance

A COVID-19 response

As a development framework, we can build a solution in extremely fast cycles. When Covid had hit the globe, we came up with 4 solutions to help in fighting the pandemic. 1 of them proved to be very successful, a private network with devices that can spot a close encounter and report this to a central (local or cloud based) server. We constructed the first version of this in 4,5 days.

Working with multiple device makers allowed us to offer flavours of the solution to end customers. The platform itself acts as a reporting tool to onboard all of the employees (while remaining GDPR compliant to the highest level) and log their proximities to each other.

From here on the intelligence starts.

The application allows you to:

  1. View the overall performance of your facility with KPI reporting and filtering on incidents and collisions

  2. View the details of an employee and trace who he/she was close to in the last few days and for how long

  3. Expand this view multiple levels deep to see how the virus has potentially spread throughout the organisation

  4. Export this data in multiple formats

  5. Deep dive into each and every event

  6. Set profiles for device behaviour to turn on or off the the beeping sounds, to calibrate the signal strength and thus adjust the right distance detection, ...

  7. Connect to an extensive API for automation purposes and integration into other systems

  8. Link it with temporary users such as visitors or freelancers that reside within your buildings

  9. Optionally combine with our location engine for positioning and mapping dangerous areas and hotspots.

  10. ...

The solution is sold in 4 continents and it has helped start factories and businesses back up while keeping employees healthy and safe.