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DP for IoT, featuring WMW, Cisco and Actility

Capita have partnered with Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN) to deliver a nationwide network and "a plethora of IoT use cases" using the WMW application platform.

We are pretty proud to announce our partnership with Capita to help in the public sector and other area's on all IoT related projects. We very much look forward to delivering insights and helping in automation and process optimisation in the Scottish region.

In SWAN's publication here you can read the following:

At Capita our mission is to make towns and regions smarter. By partnering with the Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN), we aim to enable a public sector national Long Range (LoRa) IoT network and deliver on a plethora of IoT use cases, enabling digital transformation across the country.

Capita’s new Data Platform for IoT is a ready-made, standardised IoT network solution that gives you control and insights over your data and your organisation. It is designed to build, launch and manage IoT applications quickly, securely and at scale.

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