Safety by proximity-warning

Protect your workforce by warning for close encounters and tracing the 'contacts' your employees had

Getting people back to work while preserving a safe distance

If you want to resume business during or post- Covid-19 times, it is important to keep your employees safe. The past months have proven that your most vulnerable assets are also your most important assets. 

And while the chances of a 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th wave are increasing we want to help remind your workforce of the distance they should keep, ensuring a healthy environment and a guaranteed business continuity.


A choice of dedicated hardware with specialised 'signal level' firmware ensuring guaranteed results

While we provide smartphone apps, wristband wearables and many other solutions helping on other Covid-19 related solutions, this here is dedicated hardware for proximity-tracing. 


Sometimes your employees can not carry smartphones, sometimes they forget them, or do not have the BLE antenna switched on. 

As a company we are device agnostic, and bring together the best of breed into a single platform.

Trackers can be worn around the neck or in the pocket. They can be combined with a wristband for vibration alerts and other functions (Mandown, Heart-rate, ...)

As this is proven technology, we can also guarantee production capability up to tens of thousands per week.


Management software with analytics, alerts, notifications, and anything else you might need

For this proximity-registration, a dedicated application has been built to give you an overview at a glance, but also to deep dive into the contacts a person has had in the near history.


This feature is mandatory if he has been tested positive and you want to backtrack who he was in contact with.