Myanmar - 3 smart cities

+500k connected devices in a single contract

The places Naypyidaw and Mandalay are the 2 largest cities in Myanmar. The city councils want to make their cities smart in 2 years time. To achieve this, they are installing more than 500,000 sensors that are connected to our IoT platform and several of our apps.

Connecting 513,000 sensors

The company running Naypyidaw and Mandalay's plans is Sumitomo Corporation. Several daughters and sisters within the group are working together on the rollout of this project. Right at the centre of all this is the WMW platform where all data comes together but also where the enterprise management takes place. After all, data must be able to remain perfectly separated between organisations. Together with SC-NEX, the R&D arm of the group, and SCSK, the system integrator of the group, the operator MPT will install the 513,000 sensors that will make the 2 cities smart.

7 WMW applications

Naypyidaw and Mandalay chose to use 8 of our monitoring and management applications,

divided over 10 projects:

  • Smart street lighting

  • Smart water meters in all houses of the cities

  • Waste management

  • Parking management in large parking garages

  • Tracking of vehicles

  • Air quality monitoring

    • The temperature and humidity in parks and at major intersections

    • The CO2, temperature, humidity and air pressure in buildings

  • Water monitoring

    • The water level of rivers and ponds

    • The cloudiness of water

  • Health monitoring

Remote installation and activation
COVID-19 presented WMW in Myanmar with a major challenge. Our platform manages all data and sensors, and our apps visualize the data that all connected sensors send through, among other things, alerts and reports. We had to activate all of that without visiting all the locations ourselves. The group's system integrator SCSK came to the rescue of SC-Nex. After quite a few remote training sessions, the SCSK team installed the servers in the region and connected the LoRaWAN sensors to our platform.

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