Vibration Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance

The 24/7 turnkey IoT solution to monitor your machines, pumps, equipment, ...

Combine a self learning device with a management dashboard and a wireless distant connectivity setup

This Predictive Maintenance solution allows to analyze data from sensors measuring vibrations frequencies of machines and equipment in order to detect anomalous behavior and predict possible failures, therefore enabling industrial end customers to decrease machines shutdowns and work accidents while increasing performance and safety. This evaluation starter kit provides you with the required hardware, software and connectivity service to assess this integrated plug-and-play solution.

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“BOB Assistant” IoT sensor 

  • 3 x Bob Device, EU868/ US915

A powerful artificial Intelligence IoT sensor, retrofitted with the industrial assets to constantly monitor their conditions. Simple to install wireless device who collects and analyzes real time data regarding current health of the assets.


The collected data is compared with normal behavioral threshold values to detect or predict malfunctions. 

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ThingPark Enterprise LoRaWAN® connectivity infrastructure 

  • 3 months subscription to ThingPark Enterprise SaaS service - up to 1 Gateway & 10 devices. 

  • 1 x Ufispace Enterprise Indoor Gateway for EU868 - ThingPark Enterprise ready. 

ThingPark Enterprise provides a dependable connectivity infrastructure with a proficient UX to easily build a multi-gateway LoRaWAN® network and feed data to IoT applications. 

ThingPark Enterprise dashboards provide key operational insights & alarm management. 

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WMW Application for data processing and analysis


  • 3 months subscription to Business Application - up to 10 devices 

WMW Hub is a one single centric HMI/UI application dashboard acting as an end-to-end central control unit for managing the plant operations.


Data is made available real-time and user-role management, report generation, rules and alerts can be customized as per the requirements. 

This solution is aimed at 3 main incentives

  • Remotely monitor hundreds of different machines types in a unified portal 

  • Identify and prevent failures before actual operation begins, reduce time and costs 

  • Optimize capacity, reduce maintenance, manpower and make better energy planning with pre-defined targets / KPIs 


Key features:

  • Real-time on-device analysis: Enjoy a device micro controller (MCU) embedding an algorithm which avoids additional cloud-based analytics, expensive and complicated processing.  

  • Machine-agnostic: Monitor any type of vibrating machines, with a smooth retrofit of your legacy machinery, with no supplementary HW interfaces. 

  • Low-Power: Leverage LoRaWAN® technology, optimize assets energy consumption and lower your operational costs  

  • Easy usage: Available as on-premises & cloud-based application. Manage your installation from one single application dashboard with easy accessibility, usability, management & control.  

  • Data-driven management - Data is continuously ingested and analyzed to provide relevant reports and alerts, making sure to drive your maintenance operations based on data. 

Management software with analytics, alerts, notifications, and anything else you might need

For this proximity-registration, a dedicated application has been built to give you an overview at a glance, but also to deep dive into the contacts a person has had in the near history.


This feature is mandatory if he has been tested positive and you want to backtrack who he was in contact with.

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