Connect the outside workforce

CheckIn@Work as an answer to a nationwide law enforcement

In order to combat social dumping and thus protect construction entrepreneurs across the nation from unfair price pressures, the Belgian government has invoked CheckIn @ Work. Every worker active in construction must register with social security before starting his day job. And this process has to be repeated every day, for your own employees but also all subcontractors and their workers.


The challenge is of course great, we do not need to make a drawing for it (see fig 1). WMW developed a single solution cloud based application with 7 registration methods, ranging from SMS registration, planning, mobile app, GPS trackers up to the use of RFID badge readers.

The solution has a secure connection with the government for validation and registration, but also contains an enterprise management system with which you can invite subcontractors, assign yards, follow up sub-registrations, ...



With a rollout to +1800 construction companies and various road shows with the Construction Confederation, we can label this as a success. Meanwhile, additional reporting and services have been added such as task registration, asset tracking, fleet management and social distancing.