Waste Mangement 2.0

Predictive dashboard based on content status and location.

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Optimize and reduce costs up to 50%

Emptying half filled containers or waste bins is a thing of the past. By using our custom high-end sensors and smart online dashboard half of your work is already done! You will save on fuel costs, HR planning, optimize your processes and even contribute a small solution to the current mobility problem.


Monitor, Report, Predict, and Optimise all your waste related business. Do this 24/7! The information is updated multiple times a week, a day or even hourly. 


With sensors that measure depth, temperature, movement and even GPS position. WMW calculates and predicts when a bin should be emptied and optimises the collection route. All alarming and reporting is also delivered by our platform.

3 waste sensors

Depending on your application we have range of sensors and technologies at our disposal. From robust ballistic casing, -30oC and an autonomy of +10 years to smaller lightweight devices and even custom made solutions to fit your needs

Since we manage the complete firmware of our sensors we can dictate their use. For example certain sequences can switch the sensor into service mode and detect whether a truck is around to perform additional readings. We can also detect the occurrence of sudden heat surges e.g. in case of fire. Through irregular readings sent by the movement sensor our system can detect and even prevent theft.

Data at your disposal 

Our dashboard provides you with a live listing of up to date information regarding the filling status of your bins and containers. In addition, you will be able to group per client, per pickup route, or any other conditions that your organisation requires. You can determine the areas in which they may move, specify the kind of waste they carry, set up maintenance schedules etc …

Whilst viewing the details of the waste bin you can also set up alarms and designate responsible personnel. Furthermore, you can view their history and potentially add external data readings, from a truck for example.

If you require any other functions or handle another way of working, contact us and see how easy we can customise or solutions and tailor to your needs.

Waste dashboard
route optimisation

Route management 

This all gets even more interesting when you automatically calculate the collection routes. In combination with a fleet tracking system eg. Tomtom Webfleet, our dashboard will calculate the most cost-efficient route for your waste collection trucks. In order to do so, we use several different parameters such as the filling status of your bin, the standard collection route and schedule, the current traffic situation, the kind of waste, etc …

For WMW is a software library, it enables us to tailor our solution to the needs of your company. In case you have already implemented a tracking system we just supply you with the locations that need attention. Your TMS can still manage the route.

If there are additional collections which are scheduled at certain times, we will also incorporate them into our dashboard. For example, some waste collections are invoiced based on weight. These collections will be kept separately and handled as per your company’s procedures.  

1+1 = 3

WMW is a registration dashboard, waste management is but a part of it. We have developed a system of micro-modules and a software library which enables us to develop a solution tailored to your company. Additionally, we developed a system of micro-modules and a software library which enables us to design a solution tailored to your company’s processes. Challenge us for your process optimizations.

Waste management

WMW is a framework

The solutions illustrated above, cover just a small part of our capabilities. We customize and even design new solutions to your needs requiring minimal cost, time and effort. Contact us for your perfect solution.

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