Soil Monitoring

Predictive dashboard based on the status of your soil and suggestive irrigation.

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Monitor moisture and temperature. Optimize spraying schedules.

We offer several solutions for the agricultural industry.  With our soil monitoring vertical, you will have an up to date status of your fields, pastures and orchards. Through reading soil moisture, temperature and rainfall you will be able to predict when to schedule your anti-pesticide sprayer vehicle or irrigation system.


Monitor, Report, Predict, and Optimise your irrigation schedule. Avoid loss of resources by making sure your pest control schedule has not been wasted by rainfall. Do this 24/7! The information is updated multiple times a week, a day or even hourly. 


With sensors that measure soil and air humidity, temperature, movement and even GPS position. WMW calculates and predicts when a spraying vehicle should be sent out once more to optimize the pest control and make sure it hasn’t been washed away through rain.  All alarming and reporting is also delivered by our platform.

Soil sensors

There are quite a few sensors out there that fit the application that you require. We can even offer custom made solutions to fit your needs

Soil moist values and other data is usually read at certain depths below the surface. Combined with a library of soil quality and composition accurate conclusions and actionable insights can be generated.

If you combine the readings of these sensors with, for example, the air quality above, you can predict or pinpoint the exact conditions that you crops are in. Weather this is fungus detection, drought, or any other disease, you will be informed, even alarmed in due time.

Data at your disposal 

Our dashboard provides you with a live listing of up to date information regarding your soil and rainfall. In addition, you will be able to group your locations as required, setup and schedule pesticide spraying routes and receive alarms when it rains.

Combine this with other solutions to have full controll over your plant growth. Connect it to soil databases and form conclusions or be advised by connected experts. 

If you require any other functions or handle another way of working, contact us and see how easy we can customise or solutions and tailor to your needs.

Temperature & humidity

1+1 = 3

WMW is a registration dashboard, every aspect of your area to be monitored can be part of it.
We have developed a system of micro-modules and a software library which enables us to develop a solution tailored to your company’s processes. If you have a question, require more information or need a fully tailored solution please challenge us for your process optimizations.


WMW is a framework.

The solutions illustrated above, cover just a small part of our capabilities. We customize and even design new solutions to your needs requiring minimal cost, time and effort. Contact us for your perfect solution.

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