Pallet & Reel management

Where is what box? How many meters of cable did I unwind?

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Decrease administration, planning, and theft.

Increase your productivity.

Manage the value of your freight, the temperature of the surroundings, the movement of your pallets and even the meters of cable that you just used. WMW will give you a live insight into all statuses of your goods and places it on the map.

Several sensors in 1 casing

The modular casing (that can be adapted to your preferences) is holding quite some technology. It lasts up to 10 years on 1 battery and will detect motion, acceleration tilt and GPS location in its standard form. This can be extended with temperature measurement, humidity, … 

But that’s not all. See how our dashboard, where all the intelligence resides, handles this and offers you a complete management dashboard. Mounted on a reel, for example, it shows you how many meters of cable you just deployed. 

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Pallet sensor
Live listing of all your goods

Our sensors make sure that you have a true overview of where your goods are situated. 24/7. Through our online platform, you will be provided with a live summary of all connected pallets and reels and their status.

With our configuration panel, you decide the update times of your trackers. This will give you control over the accuracy of the trackers, but also of the battery life. When your tracker is no longer connected to the network, you will see its last status, location and the person responsible.

Manage your goods!

In addition to localization, our hub also provides you with an extensive Asset-Management system.  Therefore it is possible, amongst other things, to set up safe zones, create tool groups, allocate responsibilities and manage your servicing schedules.

You will be able to fully and easily manage the maintenance, administration, and organization of yours equipment. With over 1000 customers in the construction industry, we are specialized in finding the right solution for your needs. We work with you so that the system can work for you.

Alert iPhone
Stay Informed!

An important advantage of using our system is having the reporting tool and ways to theft prevention. The image on the left show’s 2 assets that have been moved out of their safe zone.

Our reporting will not only give you a clear overview but you will gain actual insight. By reporting on asset usage, you can determine it’s actual contribution and return on investment.  Through localization, you greatly reduce theft and loss, resulting in your company being more profitable.

Pallet sensor

Sophisticated technology in a robust casing.

In addition to the tag, no extra hardware is required. Hence the rollout time is very short and your investment (-cost and -time) minimal.

Our transmitter has a reach of several tens of kilometers. Therefore it can continuously send data about itself and its use, wherever it is! Through our online platform, you decide when or where to activate the tag, keeping you informed wherever you are! The battery lasts for up to 10 years.  

We have several ways to secure the tag to your asset. All fixings are theft proof and will remain in place permanently.

If required we can offer the fixing to be done by our technicians for you.

The bigger picture!

WMW is a registration Hub. You can track people and assets and choose which data you wish to combine.  Additionally, we work with a system of micro-modules and a software library which enables us to develop a solution made to measure to your company.

Bobbin sensor


It goes without saying that our dashboard displays up-to-date live information on the whereabouts of all your assets.

But there is more … You have the ability to group your pallets and reels, determine perimeters of movement, allocate responsibilities, set up maintenance schedules, etc …

If you, subsequently, consult the details page you will be able to set up alarms and notification parameters. You can consult a historic overview which may potentially be completed by information gathered through additional facets of WMW.

Asset registrations
Tablet & Tags

It gets even better!

It is our mission to collect data and give you insight. If you, for example, combine the task, asset tracking, and pallet management modules, you will not only measure the usage of a pallet but will also see who has worked with what it, where and for how long.

Furthermore, you have the option to choose between trackers. All collect different data and have varied price tags. 

In addition to our basic model, we also offer its big brother.  This piece can be configured as a set manager that holds vigil over its smaller siblings. Designed with extra chips and sensors it is much more powerful but maintains the same autonomy and plug and play properties.

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