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Inventory and supply chain management and tracking.

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Searching for your equipment is now a thing of the past. Whether something went wrong during the planning stage, it was erroneously taken or even stolen from your yard, our asset-tracking system gives you a live insight into the status of your Assets. 

Meet our WMW-Tracker!

A high-tech piece of equipment that you can modify as per your company’s needs! 

Through our modular setup, you can determine what the tracker needs to measure and thus determine the hardware(cost) in it.

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It goes without saying that our dashboard displays up-to-date live information on the whereabouts of your people and assets.

But there is more … You have the ability to group your assets, determine perimeters of movement, allocate responsibilities, set up maintenance schedules, etc …

If you, subsequently, consult the details page you will be able to set up alarms and notification parameters. You can consult a historical overview which may potentially be completed by information gathered through additional facets of WMW.

Asset registrations
Always stay up to date.

The sensors in our tracker make sure that you have a true overview of what the location of your assets is. Through our online platform, you will be provided with a live summary of all connected assets and their status, 24/7.

With our configuration panel, you decide the update times of your assets. This will give you control over the accuracy of the trackers, but also of the battery life. When your asset is no longer connected to the network, you will see its last status, location and the person responsible.

Manage your tools!

In addition to localization, our hub also provides you with an extensive Asset-Management system.  Therefore it is possible, amongst other things, to set up safe zones, create tool groups, allocate responsibilities and manage your servicing schedules.

You will be able to fully and easily manage the maintenance, administration, and organization of your building tools. With over 1000 customers in the construction industry, we are specialized in finding the right solution for your needs. We work with you so that the system can work for you.

WMW Tracker

Sophisticated technology in a robust casing.

In addition to the tag, no extra hardware is required. Hence the rollout time is very short and your investment (-cost and -time) minimal.

Our transmitter has a reach of several tens of kilometers. Therefore it can continuously send data about itself and its use, wherever it is! Through our online platform, you decide when or where to activate the tag, keeping you informed wherever you are! The battery lasts for up to 10 years.  

We have several ways to secure the tag to your asset. All fixations are theft proof and will remain in place permanently.

If required we can offer the fixations to be done by our technicians for you.

This is how

Step 1:

You fix the WMW-tracker onto your tool.

You can mount the tag in several ways;
– detachable
– permanently fixed
– built in

If required we can provide the fixing to be done by our technicians.

Monteer Tracker

Now you are ready

Step 2:

Your tag will start transmitting data immediately, over a great distance.

There is no extra soft- or hardware installation needed!!!

We offer a great variety of trackers, all with their specific features. Their usage can all be mixed, our dashboard will recognize them automatically.

De Tracker Zendt Uit

Available 24/7!

All tags are tracked continuously. Our cloud picks up their signal and you manage them online.  Create groups, plan, schedule, export data, report on location or usage, …

Moreover, you set up alarms and notifications or feed information directly into your ERP. 

Raadplegen en Alarmen

Why we are different!


You have the option to build the technology right into your assets. Surprise friend and foe!

Op maat
Custom Design

You decide which components are added to the tracker. This way you control the production cost and its usage.


We have various ways of attaching the device to your equipment.  You can choose an industry standard adhesive or opt for a mechanical mounting.


IP65 rating and extremely sturdy! Through its unique design and materials, it is fully shock proof. 

10 jaar
7 to 10 years

Our tag’s battery life will last from 7 to 10 years. Through our dashboard, you will be able to determine the intensity of use and thus the lifespan of your battery. 

Cloud Software
Low Cost

There is no need to purchase additional hardware or install software. Consequently, your investment remains low and you will be operational within no time.  

The bigger picture!

WMW is a registration Hub. You can track people and assets and choose which data you wish to combine.  Additionally, we work with a system of micro-modules and a software library which enables us to develop a solution made to measure to your company.

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