Freight Security & Tracking

Lock your cargo, vehicles, containers with robust locks and control/alarm them remotely

Monitoring & Security

High-security transports, but in fact, any container can now add an extra level of security to them. With our M-Protect solution, we manage different types of locks and connect them to your control unit. With these robust stainless steel locks, any access door is now equipped with maximum security. Connected to SatNav systems, such as TomTom Telematics, Track&Trace is now taken to the next level.

You can add several sorts of trackers with military grade batteries for permanent uptime information and analytics. We even offer the possibility to connect your freight to the Police Reporting room.

M-protect - powered by WMW

This cloud platform is linking live freight data with the stakeholders it needs to report to. The solution is not limited to 1 nation but is even able to (securely) report to any government to comply with local regulations. Automated encrypted documents can be transferred periodically back and forth through our secure API.

Alarms for both freight and drivers (car jack, open doors, etc) are being reported by live authorities connection, Text message, email, logs, … Integrations in your TMS, fleet management, or other dispatching software brings extra valuable data to the process. 

WMW serves as a data collector with processing towards colleagues, official authorities, and other stakeholders. Besides certified XMLs and other documents we also collect and visualize all events and draw reports from them. 


  • Reporting / Reports
  • Notifications
  • Messages
  • Geographical / fences / areas
  • Safe driving/driving behaviour
  • ID / Driver identification
  • Input/Output Control/Sensors/Connectors
  • External devices/hardware (third party devices)

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