Cattle management

Where is your herd and what is it’s status?

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Decrease administration, planning, and theft. 
Increase your productivity.

Searching for your flock is now a thing of the past. Whether you want to know where they are, how long they have been there or how many they are, our asset-tracking system gives you a live insight into the status of your herd and places it on the map.

Meet our WMW-Tracker.

A high-tech piece of equipment that you can modify as per your company’s needs!  Through our modular setup you can determine what the tracker needs to measure and thus determine the hardware(cost) in it.

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Always remain up to date.

The sensors in our tracker make sure that you have a true overview of where your animals are situated. Through our online platform, you will be provided with a live summary of all connected herds and their status, 24/7.

With our configuration panel, you decide the update times of your trackers. This will give you controll over the accuracy of the trackers, but also of the battery life. When your tracker is no longer connected to the network, you will see its last status, location and the person responsible.

Manage your herd

In addition to localization, our hub also provides you with an extensive Asset-Management system. Therefore it is possible, amongst other things, to set up safe zones, create groups, allocate responsibilities and manage your inspection schedules.

With our connected task management and integrated document management you are able to report the entire lifecycle of the animal. You can see and document all vaccinations, add birth certificates, follow the grow and weight gain, …

Our reporting will not only give you a clear overview but you will gain actual insight. With a live view on flock movement, you can determine their actual contribution and return on investment. You are also in complete controll of the several alarms setup and who to notify. Through localization, you greatly reduce theft, resulting in your company being more profitable.

With over 1000 customers on the platform, we are specialized in finding the right solution for your needs and the maximum ease-of-use for everybody involved. We work with you in order to let the system work for you.

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Ear Tag Fixation

Sophisticated technology in a robust casing.

Our transmitter has a reach of several tens of kilometers. Therefore it can continuously send data about itself and its use, wherever it is! Through our online platform, you decide when or where to activate the tag, keeping you informed wherever you are! The battery lasts for up to 5 years.

We have several ways to secure the tag to your livestock. From light weight to theft proof. In addition our tags are small enough to make sure there is no discomfort to the animal.

We can extend the connection with extra receivers or gateways. From mains-, over battery- on to solar powered.

1+1 = 3

WMW is a registration Hub. You can track people and assets and choose which data you wish to combine. We have developed a system of micro-modules and a software library which enables us to design a solution tailored to your company’s processes in no time. Challenge us for your farm optimizations.



Our dashboard provides you with a live listing of up to date information regarding the wherabouts of your herd.

And there is more! In addition, you will be able to group your animals, determine the areas in which they may move, specify custom settings and profiles, set up inspection schedules etc …

Whilst viewing the details of the animal you can also set up alarms and designate responsible personnel. Furthermore you can view their history and potentially add external data readings, or other information that you gather through the WMW platform.

Asset registrations
Tablet & Tags

It gets better. 

It is our mission to collect data and give you insight. If you, for example, combine the tasks module together with the cattle tracking, you will not only measure the whereabouts of your flock but will also see who has worked has worked there and what jobs they performed.

Furthermore, you have the option to choose between 4 trackers. All collect different data and have varied price tags.

In addition to our basic model, we also offer its big brother. This tracker can be configured as a set manager that holds vigil over its smaller siblings. Designed with extra chips and sensors it is much more powerful but maintains the same autonomy and plug and play properties.

It can also be used for your containers, traktors or stables. Mounted in a different housing it can be used for pallets, trailors, …

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