Smart Cities

It’s more than just reading meters.

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“CIOs must leverage context-based data from different city infrastructures to develop sustainable and forward-looking business and citizen services, while optimizing city operations”

According to Nagayoshi Nakano, research vice president at Gartner.

Today’s IoT market has many vendors and tons of different hardware devices helping in collecting valuable data for those responsible. What is really important is outlining the right, and sometimes not so obvious, insights and bringing these together for multi-founded decisions.

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Improve the streets

Lets explain this with an example. To improve the quality of life for your inhabitants, you need to help them in any way that you can. From digitised administration to resident peace of mind.

In IoT terms this does not just bolt down to measuring the air quality in a street, but also polling the ambient noise, streaming the traffic, determining the vibration, controlling the lighting, collecting the waste, etc…

And the street is just 1 part of the puzzle that lays out a city. Let us help you bring data streams together and turn residents into ambassadors.


With a wide portfolio of + 200 sensors (and growing) there are a numerous ways of registering conditions at a certain location in your city. From mouse traps to manhole sensors. Ultrasonic waste level measurements to parking detectors. Streetlight controllers to traffic sign positioners.


WMW serves as a hub. With our library we do not just make 1 application, but bring data together in a compilation of many (tailored) “verticals”. A wide range of M2M connections (LoRaWAN / NBIoT / Sigfox / GPRS-3G-4G / Wifi) can be used together with technologies such as BT / BLE / NFC / RFID / LoRa.


The WMW hub serves as a collector, processor and dispatcher to the designated stakeholders. Your city will consist of many departments, external companies and decision makers, all tooled up with their own IT systems. Our platform is geared up with API’s to GET and POST to any source pointed out by you.

Applicable Solutions

The hub, to bring data together

We combine inputs from API connected systems, public communication networks, smart device apps, custom software and connected devices such as LoRaWAN networked sensors. Our system does not only collect but also processes and manages the needed data for every use case it facilitates.

With our documented API we are best suited to be integrated into the running IT systems of your organisation. We do not operate as a platform, but as a software library, building many tailored solutions in no time.

Besides the fact that we can offer many hardware solutions, we can also integrate or connect existing hardware and sensors. Our (local) analysts are fit to help in this process.

City Dashboard

1+1 = 3

WMW is a registration dashboard, every aspect of your area to be monitored can be part of it.
We have developed a system of micro-modules and a software library which enables us to develop a solution tailored to your company’s processes. If you have a question, require more information or need a fully tailored solution please challenge us for your process optimizations.

Business park

WMW is a Framework

The solutions illustrated above, cover just a small part of our capabilities. We customize and even design new solutions to your needs requiring minimal cost, time and effort. Contact us for your perfect solution.

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