Task Planning

Collect all work related data in order to facilitate easy payroll, invoicing and administration.

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Know what your personnel does, where and for how long.

Select the client you are working for and generate all data collected.  This will allow you to easily list costing, feed your invoicing and generate a detailed payroll report.


Anywhere. You now have a live overview of your tasks and the people working on them. All you need to do is log into the app or onto the live dashboard and you will have a complete listing of project status and internal or external coworkers. 


By using WMW you greatly reduce your paperwork and administration. You will have the ability to check the status of a project anywhere at any time through your desktop, mobile or at home. You can even set up notifications in order to get a message when a certain task has been completed for example.


You manage all tasks through our cloud-based dashboard or if connected to your ERP, your back office. Through the hub, you can further distribute tasks and orders directly to your people in the field. They, in turn, can fill in checklists, register time & attendance and write remarks.

You can use SMS, apps for smartphones and tablets, TomTom GPS devices, Barcode scanners, e-mail reporting, …

Some examples

We wish to emphasize our system of micro-modules and a software library which enables us to develop a solution made to measure to your company. We have already made some solutions as per below.


Precise listing of hours worked

Stay informed of the actual working hours of your employees out on the field. By eliminating the need for time sheets and employee reporting you greatly lessen your administration burden. In addition, you can correct or steer your personnel in time.

By having a better and true overview of time worked, you increase your productivity and decrease your costs.  Though the live insight you can now better adjust your costing and manage your budget.  HR also benefits, since they need no longer track employees and track time.

We would like to emphasize that we are not an ERP but a addition for your ERP.  We collect data and feed it through!

Know what your employees are doing 

Every task can be set up with a responsible employee linked to it.  Here you can log his hours, fill in the expected start and finish date and any additional properties. By monitoring the status of the task, through our dashboard, you can analyze potential issues of execution before they occur.  

In addition, you can keep your clients up to date, by SMS, for example on the time of arrival of a technician.  This will boost customer satisfaction and therefore your company!


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