Live data of remote resources

Track your employees, your assets and any other work related information

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Live data of remote resources

Track your installations, your employees and any other work related information

Free trial

Live data of remote resources

Track your flock, your assets and any other work related information

Free trial

Well organized teams use WMW

Centralize and automate the collection of data through our userfriendly WMW platform. Streamline the flow of information, cut out unnecessary steps and save time and money for your company. Consult all work related actions of your personnel and/or assets through one single dashboard. 

Location based software – Track & Trace

Follow your personnel.

Would you like to permanently track your vehicles and personnel? WMW is an essential tool for companies who work with employees on the road. Our solution makes it easy to track your people and displays it on a visual dashboard.

By not needing to install additional hardware we reduce the cost and quickly optimize your return on investment.  In addition, there is hardly any training required in order to use the platform.  We pride ourselves in creating an easy to use, self-explanatory environment.


Access control – Time & Attendance

Control Access to your building, yard or vehicles.

If you wish to control and monitor the access to your property we are able to help.  We assist in allowing, denying and controlling access, even remotely.  Through apps, badges, fingerprint readers and even temporary access codes we provide you with the possibility to manage your access restrictions remotely.

In combination with the steel pin locks from M-Protect we can even secure and track your precious cargo.  WMW will alert you when unauthorized movements or actions are detected. 

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Plan and register orders and tasks

Know what your personnel is working on, when and for how long.

WMW sends orders and tasks straight to your employee’s smart device. They will have a clear overview of what their assignments are and you will be able to track the status at any time.  As such, you and even your client will always be up to speed regarding the progress of a project. Through the reporting interface, you will be able to control your budgets, list time allocation and feed this information through to the HR and accounting departments.  In addition, you are able to plan work or transport on a daily or weekly basis.

Our strength lays in our system of micro-modules.  This in combination with an extensive software library enables us to develop a solution tailored to your company. 

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Internet of Things

Connect sensors to your back office.

If you wish to know more about your assets, out in the field, simply connect it through our dashboard. Whether it is a waste container, parking spot, power drill or pallet. Gathering data from your remote “things” is almost the same as from your remote people. We offer a catalog of sensors to measure almost anything but, more important, a library of code for a dashboard to act as an intelligence hub for absolutely everything.

Because WMW has been developed as a framework of code we can tailor your solution in no time and bring live information to your business processes. 


Mobile first approach

Provide your team with information and tools, nothing else!

Our micro-module approach is of essence throughout the process. We believe in providing employees with all the essential information they need in order to complete a project. By eliminating too many buttons, lists, and paperwork, your personnel can focus on the task at hand.  The job needs to be done.  So let your employee do his job, log and collect data and let de system help you in doing yours.

Generate data through your smartphone, tablet, badge reader, barcode scanner, GPS, etc … Design your workflow by using the modules we set up for you.

Structure all documents

Manage and distribute all notes

By incorporating Qudoc you will have a platform where you can store and distribute all documents related to a project or task. You can set up permissions and invite internal or external coworkers like architects, contractors, payroll services to join the platform. 

The system will be set up based on your preferences and you will, at all times, maintain full control of who can access the service and who can’t.  By using Qudoc you now have a super speed document delivery service at hand.

Document management

WMW Features

Our main goal is to reduce your paperwork, provide you with a live update and make sure nothing gets lost in translation. Our strength is our extensive library of micro modules. The difference between our system and standard software solutions is that we can tailor a solution to your specific needs. This is how we reduce costs and implementation time is close to none.


You can access all information pertaining to employees or subcontractors at a glance.

API Integration

Easily connect WMW to your existing IT infrastructure. 


WMW is a product designed by our in-house developers. This makes us flexible and eager! So, if your company is looking for a different solution, we are more than happy to assist.

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Modes of Registration

You can register through various technologies like smartphone, tablet, desktop, badge reader, barcode scanner, RFID, NFC, GPS track&trace, …

All-in-one Platform

Manage all information through 1 platform.  Beheer alle informatie van je werknemers in één platform.  Niet alleen onze modules maar ook koppelingen met oa. overheden, document management en loonsecretariaten worden in de meest gebruiksvriendelijke manier toegankelijk.

External Personnel

Beperk het niet tot je eigen team. Connecteer met externe medewerkers en onderaannemers en ken locaties en orders en acties toe.

More than 1.000 companies use WMW


“When we were searching for a solution in order to comply with new registration legislation in Belgium we came to know WMW. It immediately became clear that they have an incredible insight in what was needed and how it should be set up in order to work for our current company. Even after signing up, the people at WMW listened to our feedback and adjusted system as per our requirements.”

– Guy De Knaep, Renotec


“Upon searching for a solution to track time & attendance, we found WMW. I became clear that the user-friendly interface WMW offers, matched our requirements.  It was very simple to implement the system and have it tailored to our workings.  After requesting some customizations, we quickly received a solution.  Whenever there is a problem or question we get help promptly.”

– Ines Stultjens, Axibeton

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