Collect data from your (outside) personnel and receive the information through the WMW platform.

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Organize and Track your staff through WMW

Centralize and automate the collection of data through our user-friendly WMW platform. Streamline the flow of information, cut out unnecessary steps and save time and money for your company. Consult all work related actions of your personnel and/or assets through one single dashboard. 

Part of the digital transformation "hype" your team needs to be connected as well.

Todays market requires a flawless customer support. Your technicians, out in the field, are obviously doing their work to very high standards. Sa what can we add? With our tools and tailored solutions you can run and follow up that team, live and on the spot. 

Your organisation will be on top of things and best informed about all processes running at any given moment. It will help you in planning, calculating, invoicing, supplying and informing. And your clients will love and appreciate that.


WMW is a hub,
an online platform collecting data,

in fact, it’s a software library to make data collection platforms!

Mainly used for IoT dashboards and solutions we have been passing insights into businesses with great ease of use, maximum flexibility and thorough integrations.

But WMW is also used to drive people (IoP), register their whereabouts and plan all tasks of the workforce.


sample of a supply chain flow

Register their actions

We have several types of technology at our disposal to detect the location and status of your employee and even the orders he/she is working on. Use this to rule out anomalies and never have anything “lost in translation”. But maybe even more important, act on live data.

Plan their actions

Your team will be defined by the competences they have. Use the timeline view to plan orders and even give customers insight in their progress. Dependancies, Proof of Deliveries and other helpful features all add to the solution set out for your optimisation process.

Tailor and combine

Every company has a specific way of working. Help us determine the correct flow and tailor our solution to your needs. With our framework of code, there is no standard way of working. This way, you will not have to worry about changing your internal organisation to much. 

Applicable Solutions

Tasks & Worksheets


planning detail

WMW as an adapted service

We combine inputs from API connected systems, public communication networks, smart device apps, custom software and connected devices such as LoRaWAN networked sensors. Our system does not only collect but also processes and manages the needed data for every use case it facilitates.

With our documented API we are best suited to be integrated into the running ERP system within the clients’ company processes. We do not operate as a platform, but as a software library, building your solution in no time.

Planning your orders and tasks, generating worksheets that accompany the technician, setting up a templating system for certificates and checklists are but some of the solutions made with our framework. We even have an integrated document dispatching system to inform the client of all works performed.


logistic detail


1+1 = 3

WMW is a registration dashboard, every aspect running your outside team can be part of it.
We have developed a system of micro-modules and a software library which enables us to develop a solution tailored to your company. Additionally, we developed a system of micro-modules and a software library which enables us to design a solution tailored to your company’s processes.
Challenge us for your process optimizations.

Bobbin sensor

WMW is a framework

The solutions illustrated above, cover just a small part of our capabilities. We customize and even design new solutions to your needs requiring minimal cost, time and effort. Contact us for your perfect solution.

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