Click&Go & WMWLight

What is this all about?

Click&Go are complete packages which include devices, gateways, an Actility ThingPark Wireless license for a LoRaWan private network and a WMW-LIGHT license to visualize and analyze your data.

We, at WMW, have developed a LIGHT version of some of our applications and connected them directly to the Actility DX-API.

By doing so we were able to optimise the process of buying a package from the Actility Marketplace by creating a dedicated application fully automatic

It means that when you buy a device and switch it on, it will try to find the network. From the moment the network is found, WMW detects the device, reads the profile of it, finds the owner and generates the application and login for the owner automatically. We even use a single sign-on allowing the user to log in with the credentials from the Marketplace where he bought the device. 

The packages come ready-to-use and are simple to install and work with WMWLight to monitor the readings.  

No configuration is needed. All hardware is shipped fully configured and activated on the ThingPark Wireless Network. Therefore, you only have to install the hardware on your premises, connect the gateway to the internet and start to monitor your assets on the WmW-hub.

WMWLight is limited in its functions. It is meant to be an introduction package and additional sensors, some processing features, TEXT message alerts, etc are disabled. If the LIGHT version has convinced you that IoT is fit for your business, let us convince you with full and even enterprise shaped applications.

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