Air Quality Monitoring.

Predictive dashboard based on Air quality Readings.

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Monitor Air Quality

Monitor indoor and outdoor air quality in order to easily alarm citizens and occupants and take appropriate measures. 


Monitor, Report, Predict, in- and outdoor air quality. Review our analysis in order to take appropriate action for your citizens, workers or occupants. Receive updates 24/7 and plan activities accordingly! The information is updated multiple times a week, a day or even hourly. 


By using temperature, humidity and even gas and particulate matter sensors our WMW dashboard will interpret and display the current air quality. This enables clients to take measures such as informing occupants or cutting carbon emissions by e.g. closing off entry routes. All alarming and reporting is also delivered by our platform.

Temperature sensors

some examples of sensors that can be used

Depending on your application we have range of sensors and technologies at our disposal. Off the shelf devices with an autonomy of +10 years, smaller lightweight devices and even custom made solutions to fit your needs

Since we manage the complete firmware of our sensors we can dictate their use. Fixed sensors in predefined locations monitor the environmental conditions as per your specifications. Additionally dynamic sensors fitted to vehicles like service vans can even conclude the differences in quality over a range of locations.

If you have a certain use in mind, do contact us. We probably have a solution ready for you (in no time).

Data at your disposal 

Our easy to use dashboard provides you with a live listing of up to date information regarding the air quality in your area. In addition, you will be able to receive alarms based on your reading thresholds.

Besides viewing the air quality details, you can also set up alarms and designate responsible personnel. Furthermore, you can view its history and compare it to other readings.

Combine the data of 1 sensor with another one.

There really is no end in the possibilities we allow you to think of with our framework of code. You can, for example, combine a door contact sensor with a temperature sensor to conclude why the warehouse is showing abnormal readings.

If you require any other functions or handle another way of working, contact us and see how easy we can customize our solutions and tailor to your needs.

Air quality

1+1 = 3

WMW is a registration dashboard, every aspect of your area to be monitored can be part of it.
We have developed a system of micro-modules and a software library which enables us to develop a solution tailored to your company’s processes. If you have a question, require more information or need a fully tailored solution please challenge us for your process optimizations.

Waste management

WMW is a framework

The solutions illustrated above, cover just a small part of our capabilities. We customize and even design new solutions to your needs requiring minimal cost, time and effort. Contact us for your perfect solution.

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