Access control management

Track the status of your freight, secure your load or limit the access to your buildings.

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Limit Access

Limit access to vehicles and buildings. Through the central and online management of your access permission, a complex key management system becomes obsolete. Therefore there will be no need to replace expensive keys and locks in case of loss or damage.


You can apply our solution to secure your construction site, your buildings, and even your containers or vehicles.  Besides security, you can also use our system to track the attendance of your employees at clients’ locations like cleaning crews or technicians.


Because you may need an overview of who is present at a location for which you are responsible.  When does your personnel arrive, when do they leave and how long do they spend at a certain site.


Through our mobile apps, you can monitor who is present at a location that you manage. In addition, you may opt for our badge readers through which you can set permissions online. Limit access to unauthorized people or set up an access schedule for your employees.

Some Examples

Throughout all our solutions we emphasize our system of micro-modules. It enables us to develop a tailored solution, based on your needs. We further illustrate through some ready made applications.



Manage your client’s locations or the locations where your personnel needs to be present. Determine perimeters and set up alarms.

Invite subcontractors and freelancers to these locations. Create tasks and orders, link them to a certain location and follow up on the progress.  This is how you can monitor time and attendance of all your contractors and employees.

Access Management

Keep full control over the access of your secure areas. Though badge and fingerprint readers or even temporary access codes you limit the access of unauthorized visitors.

Freight security

Load Security

In combination with the pin locks from M-protect you create maximum security for your containers, doors or boots.

When linked to your GPS/blackbox (e.g. TomTom) you not only protect your drivers but your load as well. Again you can set alarms and determine when you need to be notified of any irregularities regarding your transport or route.

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