Gather, process and analyze data collected from people and things. Review, predict and prevent situations and act accordingly!
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WMW is a hub where you combine your operational data with information provided through sensors and people.  Everything you want to know about your assets, people and external services can be linked digitally to your organisation. Through different ways of transmitting data we can even monitor your remote locations or assets.

Whether you use an ERP/TMS or not, we can track and read all activity of your personnel, vehicles, jobs, assets, … live!


You should really see us as a link between your internal workings (ERP) and you external field employees.  We are a cloud-based platform with apps and data-registrators. We measure and register what is important for you and send it straight back to your home base. 

Who for?

WMW has been created for anyone who needs to log and collect field information. Whether you would like to track people or assets in any industry, our system is geared up for it!

When use WMW?

When there is a need to gather and process information regarding location and work status of your employees or assets. This information can be used as is or can be linked to your internal (ERP/TMS) system.


WMW is not just for people, but just as much for Things. If you have sensors or events to track, we are the dashboard to use. Tracking the whereabouts of your assets, the filling level of your waste containers, the temperature of your cargo, the usage of your pallets or even the statistics of your animals, … we have the platform to do so. 

Packed with logic, alarm systems and notification tools we take tracking to the next level and make it look like childsplay. Connecting your things onto our dashboard has never been easier and consolidationg the datafeeds together is at the hart of our success.

Organic Software

In order to reduce financial and usability impact, we have created several different solutions that require little or no training and additional installations.

We always listen to our clients and analyze market requirements. So, if you have specific questions or need additional tools we are more than willing to assist. We will work with you to design a solution which works for you.

The core of our platform is an online dashboard which is connected to several apps, badgereaders, measurement tools, etc … The information collected can furthermore be distributed to external parties.

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Cloud UX
Always accessible

WMW does not require any software installation. The entire application is web-based so it doesn’t matter whether you use it in the office or outside in the field.  All you need is a personal login and password and you are set to go! You can access WMW at anytime, anywhere.

Quick ROI

Our award-winning and user-friendly interface guarantees that the information you receive is clear and easily understood. In addition to this easy learning curve, we also offer an extensive integration into your current system. You can keep using your current procedures whilst we make sure your data collection becomes automized. 


WMW is a product designed by our in-house developers. This makes us flexible and eager! So, if your company is looking for a different solution, we are more than happy to assist. All analyses we perform contribute to the bigger picture. Therefore we don’t just assist you but other and future clients as well. 

Modes of Registration

If it pings a signal we work it.  Apps, SMS, Trackers, Badge readers, measurement sensors, RFID, NFC, LoRaWAN, … are all technologies that process a signal we can interpret.

Connection to your ERP

One of the most important features of WMW is that it is not an ERP. We operate as an extension to your ERP.  In addition to your internal procedures, we facilitate that the data collected by your employees or “things”, reaches you fast, correct and live for further automation and optimization. In case you do not have an ERP implemented, all data can be downloaded for further analyses.   

We control our own API

Having full control over your internal processes starts with being in control of your own (software) processes. With our RESTFULL API you can connect to our cloud-based application.

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Import Files

Each registration contains details. Registrations often don’t just entails event but have documents linked to it.  this is why WMW has incorporated a state of the art document dispatching system. Through this feature, you can share, collect and add documents with great ease and simplicity.

All-in package

We are not just an online platform but also manage our own apps, SMS servers, automation, tailoring, and hardware. This is why we can adapt to any organization and make sure we deliver an all-in solution made to measure.

Connect to your subcontractors

A unique feature within our setup is the ability to connect with external co-workers.  Whether they are on your payroll, freelancers or subcontractors, they will still be able to send you registrations and you can track their status.


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